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Once upon a time, man would look up at the heavens
and dreamed that one day   he would be able to soar
among the birds that flew in the sky. That he would
go where no man had gone before & leap the bound-
aries of gravity and glide on the thermal currents of
air, be with the lightning and the thunder that ruled
from above that seem so far out of reach.   Then he
would go on to challenge even the birds of prey, out
chase the fastest  &  later the highest that ever flew.
The barriers of endurance distance & even the
(the sound barrier) were also to be exceeded.   Then
there came a new challenge       from a leader of the
western world to build,  to fly &  to Man  an aircraft
that could out run a bullet,  out fly  any plane  & out
maneuver any hostile missile         that came its way.
The Russian airmen that were sent to eliminate this
threat would come to call this awesome machine the


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