STAR WARS Comes Alive for fun and profit:
This Is A Signed Unique 1 Of A Kind Set!
                 I am in possession of a one of a kind original copyright Movie Scene above that CAN act as a portable
                 photo set on location any where and any time. There is a commission release and rights to unrestricted
                 photography / electronic imaging for profit thats imprinted by the copyright holder attached. It is about
                 4 feet square and 4" deep. It has day-glow, reflective, illuminescent and iridescent paints through out
                 that seemingly come alive for the split second the picture is captured.
                 Anyone, any age and even pets will photograph well and seem like they are in a space war movie set.

                 A transparent canopy appears, controls light up, explosions occur, laser weapons come alive;
                 of which can really be seen in this image above. When others use their own cameras the image is flat,
                 dull and not seen.  There is a complete package that IS available. POR.  

                 Below can be seen some angles of this set in theaters, military stores, movie locations and promotional
                 Star Wars
venues as commissioned by the Star Wars vendors and 20th Century Fox studios.

                 Pearl Harbor, Hickam, Shafter, Kaneohe theaters

                Ala Moana, Cinerama, Waikiki3, MoviePlex, Dole