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           Thank You and Welcome to this ECLECTIC collection disk

There are thousands of selections here on this DVD-R. Most are just musical tunes from 1940 to 2000,
but there are some that are Microsoft powerpoint type presentations,       some movie clips that play on
your Windows Media Player or on Apple QuickTime.       some avi video clips that play on RealPlayer
These are all available FREE at their respective websites or just go to       NOW, for a great
spectacular color show for your computer screen keeping in time with the music,           just check out...;   Select lifetime 'free trial offer'.      It is Quite Unique !

Please go to the first 6 selections. Notice the Sound, Special Effects & Patriotic Tributes set to music.

Rodger Bucy (Baltimore), Warren Kolback (Chicago), Jeff Bearden (Hot Springs) and I discussed this
project on a conference call in 1998 while I was at an Air Show at Andrews AFB. We wanted to make
a web based Patriotic Salute dedicated to our 5 military branches Active, Guard, Reserve and Veterans.

Hardest project was actually accomplished first several years ago and it was an All video production.
It was soon posted on YouTube, went viral and then we got a lot of request to do more like it.   That's
our First selection: ! Army Navy Air Force Salute  & it  will play very easily on Apple QT or Windows
Media Player. Team said it now is time to begin to tackle our Microsoft PowerPoint Tribute slideshow
of aviation images and set it to a unique music background.  It was finished ominously 11/11/11 at
exactly 11PM Veterans Day.    However, all 3 people on my team had now since passed away   RIP !.

I was encouraged because everyone wanted to see my awesome plane images I have collected over
the years and used on many of my web pages in the past. The trick was could
a video clip they all said I just Had to include of the only 2 Marine Corps future Stealth Fighter F-35B
(VTOL) that experienced an unexpected computer take off,  It really had to be included without viewer
intervention; a Fully Automated presentation from start to finish. Only Apple's Steve Jobs said in theory
it could be done. It took me months to make it finally work.  Our team would've been very proud indeed .
That's the 2nd selection:    !! CELINE Armed Forces Tribute    Executed by a free PowerPoint download.
The team told me.."The Marines never received their own front line planes first,   they were always hand-
me-downs from the Navy and other services."  But this would be the world's first & Only vertical take-off
& landing (VTOL) Stealth fighter. These two prototypes (which you can see both on the carrier) had never
been flown before. They were hoisted onto the carrier by a shore crane. They're each worth over 70 million
dollars a copy and that is a billion dollar nuclear aircraft carrier on an early Sunday morning exercise test.
Everything was put at risk during a maintenance checkout when without warning it lifted off. But thanks
to Yankee ingenuity, American tax payers, a very smart Flight Computer that KNOWS NO FEAR & just
when all seams lost, certain pilot death, many more sleeping just beneath the deck and untold amounts of
destruction; 1 of the 2 vertical lift engines sticks, flips the aircraft so it's now pointing straight down at the
aircraft carrier deck, suspended 40 feet high - Does What?.Turns on Full After Burners! Which amazingly
then over corrects so aircraft rotates on axis 270 degrees, regains level position and fly's off in the sunrise.
The pilot never had any means or way of control and was in stark terror of certain impending doom. Wow!

I was asked to assemble a fast pace video with lots of action, great camera angles & a complimenting sound
track for both the U.S. Navy / Coast Guard / Marine Corps flight demonstration team  The BLUE ANGELS
and another for the USAF THUNDERBIRDS.  I had to go through hundreds of airshows from all around the
country over a 50 year period. Amazingly they both came out to be about only 11 minutes, but they will leave
some almost breathless since so much was selected & edited to fit in. I have tried to tell the story, the history,
the pilots, the different maneuvers, but most importantly I tried to make the viewer feel like they are actually
 flying those blue Hornet and white Falcon jets. I would capture the planes flying gracefully over head then go
to a tiny 'lipstick' HD camera mounted on the plane's belly or on top just behind the canopy only to finally wind
up with the pilot and looking out at what he see's.    One scene is an extreme close formation & to convey that
image you can see above the pilot other aircraft in the formation only inches away from his head.  I made sure
these scenes were shot very close.  Some of these shots were almost impossible.Take for example the early Blue
Angel scene that sings in the background "I had to chase the wind. And the days of vanity went on forever."  It
could only be taken from another jet in parallel flight.     The music is purposely fitted with the scenes that are
being performed. Crowd noises, talking, blocked views, deafening engine whine, sun glare, garbled announcing
with echos have all been eliminated. Even historic formation clips of earlier aircraft with one scene showing the
very first performance 50 years ago of the Thunderbirds then switches to a scene of a pair of 4th generation of
stealth fighters - the F-22C Raptor. These videos never get rained out, canceled or too hot or cold. Now You will
always have a comfortable VIP front row seat where all the performances unfold right before your very own eyes.

                            Cover for AirShow Golden Anniversary Tour 

BGen Williams, Ariz; Darn Longest 10 minutes each of 2 airshow videos I have ever seen.
Sandra, Louisville; My kids have been watching this religiously every day for years now.
Mayor in Calif; I have these airshows playing on a big 70" LED flat screen TV for
                          when my guests come over, But then... they don't want to leave!
Pat, Boston; I spent who knows how much on kids Disney movies & this is all they watch!
Molly, NYC; I do my housework with this on all the time and never tire of any of it
                     as it REALLY does takes months to listen to it all. I love it. No commercials
Jake, Portland; Big Game got blacked out locally with my peeps so I put on these military
                        clips and boy did it saved the day, You got Standing Ovations. Well Done
Bill, Springfield; Better than any store bought commercially made video I've ever found. 
Kim, Texas; This sure beats wind, heat, dust, rain & long standing in back of noisy crowds.
Papa Doc, Denver; Talk about something have to entertain the grand kids with these days!
Dr Linda, Miami; The greatest gift, I was told, that I ever gave my favorite dad,  Thanks
Call Sign Clipper; Glad I made it into your video, even more happy that my sons like this
                             air display version better than all the ones I had to go out & search for.
                             Also, all my team mates have been thanking me for these as gifts!
BOSS, Las Vegas; Music really helps tell the story & brings me back good T-bird memories
Blue BOSS, Chicago; You really do make everyone feel they are in the cockpit with us.
                                  I got it as one of the nicest Fathers Day gifts ever. Thanks Sir