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                                          A Biographical Sketch       

Mr. Charles Littman began working in the field of
photography in 1957, it was then he won 1st place
in the national ANSCO photography contest while
attending Chicopee High School, Massachusetts.
His presenter in Boston was Dr. Edwin Land, CEO
and pioneer of instant photography of the Polaroid
Corporation. While on stage Mr. Land mentioned
if there ever was money needed for education to go
& personally contact him. Years later while he was
attending University of Nebraska there did come a
time tuition costs exceeded income even when work-
ing at the world's largest furniture store in Omaha
Nebraska,    the Nebraska Furniture  Mart and so a
request went out to Boston. But the money situation
some how resolved itself, so when  an announcement
by one of his class instructors to immediately report
to Dean's Office,    everyone thought he was in some
kind of trouble. The dean said to sit down just watch
& he proceeded to count out all the money spent that
semester's expenses and said as long as Chuck can
maintained at least a 'C' average,  there would be no
education money issues!  Now, skip forward a couple
of years when the United States was attacked in the
Gulf of Tonkin & president Johnson said our nation
needed us. Chuck enlisted and within months found
himself in two combat tours to Vietnam, one tour to
Thailand and one tour to Republic of South Korea
at the USAF military airfield of Suwon near Osan in
response to the capture of the US Navy ship Pueblo
by North Korea. Later that year he got married and
was posted to Hickam AFB,  Hawaii. There he wore
several different hats. Alert photographer, weekend
wedding videographer and AF computer operator.

Due to the breakout of Americans high jacking of our 
airliners to Cuba and having an expert marksmanship
rating, went into the sky marshal and airport security
government program with TDY assignments through
out the Hawaiian Islands for 2 years.  Also his family
expanded with birth of 2 sons & called Hawaii home.

He then got selected for a new generation of Air Force
computer up grading that took place worldwide. It was
the IBM 360 series in the PACAF underground com-
mand post. His selection for cutting edge computers was
based in part on his fathers service dating back to the
world's second computer: the 'RAMAC.' It was derived
from the world's 1st computer for the WWII US Army
called ENIAC. But Msgt Littman came to the attention
of higher ranking military by being a pilot, putting for-
ward to the CAA and later the FAA an architectural
concept in airport design called '
Race Track Runway
& finally his weekend civilian off duty job as a
videographer before video had come to America. Many
Japanese would opt for a Hawaiian traditional wedding
& started bringing a new contraption from Sony called
the Betamax and JVC called the camcorder to these
wedding services. All photo studios usually only had 1
photographer & many assistants, especially those that
were photographers in training. Volunteering to hold,
take care of and to actually shoot these video cameras
gave Mr. Littman an early jump on this relatively new
technology. Then seeing a possible military application
and having access to fly to Japan to retrieve this new
equipment he quickly mastered their operation, studied
them and even put them to novel uses not originally
intended by the manufacturers. He soon became a Beta
tester for Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Canon and JVC
(Japan based, not USA branches).

It was at about this time, 1973 that war broke out in the
Middle East that his superior officers gave him a mission
that utilized his combat skills in the recently ended
Vietnam conflict to be employed on the Golan Heights.

After the Yom Kippur War he met an IDF counterpart
and visited him at his home in the Jerusalem corridor
called Sha'ar Hagai. There he met the founder Myrna
who introduced him to the ferral breed called the
Canaan Biblical Dog. It was arranged through Pan Am,
a USA contact in Bethsalem Pennsylvania and famous
Hawaiian Vetenarian Dr. Roy Harada to import two
females (Kaiulani and Kapiolani) and one male puppy
(Kamehameha). My boys called them Kai, Kap & Kam.
I made sure they would not get exploited and so gave all
of the first four litters away to various famous Hawaiian
institutions on all  islands...    Chain of Craters National
Volcanic Park, Arch dioceses,  Sea Life Park,  Paradise
Park, Barking Sands, Molokai Leper Colony, Maui
Haleakala National Park, Hawaii Humane Society,
service dogs through Hawaii Canines for Independence
and Military SAR (search & rescue) through the Barbers
Point Airstation Coast Guard District 14 and their air
borne H-65 helicopters SAR.  See CANAAN Dog Video

He attended Roosevelt University of Chicago and got
credits for Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT)
and Air University & Command College. Later he would
find himself not only attending but teaching at Delaware
State University and Delaware Tech in the capital city of
Dover Delaware in the 1970's.    

It was while Mr. Littman was at Dover AFB and teaching
at DelTech that he was temporary assigned to Pomona
Naval Air Station Atlantic City New Jersey to  NAFETC
(National Aeronautical Flight Evaluation & Test Center)
that he came upon THAT 12 year old boy's suggestion
from Westover AFB dated in the mid 1950's. It was the
one HE submitted, unfortunately at the exact time that of
the change over from the old WWII CAA (Civil Aero-
nautics Administration) to the current FAA (Federal
Aviation Administration). But, somehow it was identified
as being from his father's rank (Major at the time) but his
name 'Charles' was listed and with a Brigadier General's
endorsement (Nazarro, 8th AF chief). The submission was
for a 3rd (THIRD) approach to runway layout. For the 1st
time since   age of the   Wright Brothers a new design was
put forward besides the straight line runway and the inter-
secting crossing runways. Called 'RaceTrack Concept
approach which basically was very large banking elliptical
shape with a central facility located in the center, No car
parking areas necessary, No taxiways as None would be,
again,  necessary and a single Never ending runway thats
enclosed in a giant loop. Very safe,  very practical,  very
futuristic as most reviewers couldn't believe the simplicity
and the audaciousness of the concept. More of this subject,
the cockpit video system, the TV Studio in a SuitCase ideas
and others can all be found in the LINKS section provided
in the middle @

Lightning strikes twice when Mr Littman was interviewed
and published  an idea of a future business in Videography 
called the 'TV Studio In A SuitCase' whereby everything
found in a TV station; i.e. many cameras, lots of lights and
audio pick up  devices, a control room, prompters,   new
wireless technologies, playback devices, monitors, various
media sources and instant 'On The Fly'  recorders as well
as editing could all be accomplished all the   while fitting
inside a simple roll aboard suitcase. At first it was several
trunks,  bags & cases where one being a steamer size trunk
on wheels.      But, eventually with the advent of small LCD
screens as preview monitors & 8mm tiny camcorder video-
graphy allowed all to be reduced to a single very small light
weight roll-aboard suitcase (on right below)      along with a
garment bag (left in picture).  The garment bag is for all
personal items that are used on away and overnight trips. 
Today, Mr Littman is promoting the idea of everyone, not only
in America but also perhaps in the world get a Free computer
with Internet connectivity. This would be through the encour-
agement of a new ultra portable netbook-like computers whose
price point finally reach that of a small kitchen appliance, such
as toasters, blenders and other so called 'Give-Aways' found in
such places as "Banks," savings and loan institutions & credit
unions promotions to bring in new customers or for opening up
a new account, changing direct deposits or dropping old banks
for one with a Free Netbook.  If it weren't for the recession and
the wall street 2007 crash we would have had all this back in
2008... Then along came smart cell phones and a newer hybrid
breed of phamblets that can be found on Amazon & Google for
next to nothing or Free. This device is a photo camera, a TV
camera and video recorder as well as a video camera, a stereo
digital audio, connection to the world wide web, connect to the
entire world via phone, fax, social media, skype, text, intercept
capable of all major libraries, news archives, public records &
etc AND all Instantly

So the weight alone has astoundingly dropped from 108 lbs to
27 lbs to now mere ounces.  The quality from worse than TV to
analog 330dpi to VHS, to 720 HD to 1080p Blue Ray and now
Ultra High Def or 4K with 8K breathing down our backs in 2
years. And remember I said these smart phones are Free if you
shop and not get the latest.  

Want a sneak peek at the future?
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Mr Littman continues to share his time and knowledge by giving
lectures in many forums and formats worldwide. His web site
continues to keep his many followers up on the latest happenings
in the world of technology, media and communications. Beta
testing many radical inventions, accessories and unique eclectic
'toys' picked up from around the world. In the future there will
be two kinds of businesses.
         Those that are on the web... and those that are going...
                                OUT OF BUSINESS!

             Final word of advise...


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