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9 Israeli Dolphin Subs 2024 Makes For
A 2nd Strike Nuclear ICBM Wolf Pack

Dolphin Nuclear Ballistic Missile Sub Fleet  
Built Through Years 2000  To  2024
Nuke Armed Using Isr Developed WMD; 
NOT... Nuclear Powered !

Note: Replacement Of Dolphin 1's Has Begun
Now A Further Order Of 3 Dolphins III Follow.

Many have wondered for years about the exact
capabilities of the subs Germany exports to
Israel.   Now, experts in Germany and Israel
have admitted   Israeli   nuclear tipped missiles
have been deployed on the vessels. Importantly
it seems all     German governments have since
 early 1990's (during the construction phase),
have long known about   nuclear armaments 
being planned to be a part of the  Dolphin  sub
weapons mix.  Apparently,  the first assembled
submarine cruise missiles was late  1999 at the
earliest around the only known  DUAL   test of
Dolphin SLCM's  (Submarine Launched Cruise
Missles) off  Sri Lankan  Indian ocean coast on  
May 2000;   one each from    Leviathan and the
Dolphin submarines achieving 900+ mile range.
                    Article By Der SPIEGEL, Berlin

One of the pride of the Israeli Navy is rocking
gently among Mediterranean swells with the
silhouette of  Carmel mountain range reflected
on  water's surface.  Reaching Tekumah,  you
then have to walk across a temporary jetty & a
pier in the Haifa port & then climb down in a
vertical tunnel shaft leading into the bowels of
the Dolphin submarine's interior.

Homeport Is The Only Port Known To A Sub  

This because a vast structure known as Polynom
is being built by the U.S.A. Corps of Engineers to
shelter, hide,  protect the Haifa naval fleet in the
new century as well as at the other 2 naval ports.

Construction On New Naval Base Begins

Current Progress As Of Jan 1st 2017

Concept Phase Of Hidden Sub Pens

Sweep of Haifa Naval Base & Sea Port

Next, a massive multi $100 million for each facility
in the national plan  upgrade, modernize, improve
all IDF bases & military infrastructure.The IDF-AF
new stealth   F-35I  fighter underground base that's
now going up at Nevatim AB,  Negev & another at
Tel Shahar AB,  Ashdod,    for the Arrow III ABM
with Reshev missile Interceptors. SO here we have
this naval officer in charge of visitors,    a brawny
man age 40 with eyes hidden behind pair  Ray Ban
sunglasses, slides down ladder. As he reaches our
lower deck, turns around says "Welcome on board
the INS Tekuma Dolphin submarine" and "Shalom
To My Toy."   We later find out he will be the new
capt of the 6th Dolphin II sub named INS Dragon.

He pushes back a bolt  and opens the refrigerator,
revealing zucchini,   a pallet of yogurts cups and a

bunch of small blue bottles of pure clean   Kangen
water made on board fresh daily & begins passing
them out to all of us visitors. Delicious!  Tekumah
has just returned from a special mission. Our host
commander Avi S who is leading the visitors past
a row of crew bunks.    The air is amazingly fresh,
not like your very typical  submarine engine room.
corridors widens and merges in the   center of the
boat into the CinC with helm work / battle stations
ringed all around the periscopes (see below).

Dolphin I Series left - Dolphin II Series right

Command & Control  w/ 4K OLED Consoles

The officer stands still and points to a row of LED
flat screens posted signs of German electronics
giant Siemens, Zeiss, ENRI & even Bremen based
electronics company Atlas. Detail plaques are next
to each on near-by wall. Further down command
center are battle station positions w/ native Israeli
defense contractors such as: Rafael, Mar'om, Elbit,
Tadiran, LVT, Elscint, ECI, Elta, IAI, Kilolambda,
Wave, Elron, Beth El,
Maverick Hi Tech, ElOp,  Bet
Shemesh, Malat, IMI-Wave, NESS, Xi Systems, C4I,
Bental,  Sansolo, IWI and Astronautics.  All costing
10's of millions of $ each, but All are WORLD class
and the very latest versions.

The "CIC" Combat Information Center, as the Israel
Navy calls the subs central nerve center, the heart
of the submarine, where all the ELINT information
comes together & all the operations are executed.  
Sub is controlled from 2 command leather chairs. 
It looks as if it could have been from the bridge of
a Star Trek movie. All displays are lit up in colors
showing ships keel is currently 24' below sea level.
"This was all built in Germany to  US Navy & Israel
Navy most current specifications and innovations.
However, all these defensive & offensive weapons
systems are unique, custom, handmade & built to
last. The Tekumah, 57m long & 7m wide, is from
first 3 of the smaller Dolphin I series unlike bigger
Dolphin II's. Its a showpiece of the latest precision
engineering,  applied with a special stealth paint in
a custom color maximizing visual blindness to its
enemies in emerald sea-blue color combination.  
More precise, this is exact engineering made only
in Germany & in some instances it can not even be 
found on any Germany's own subs, that's suitable
for equipping vessels that have WMD capability.

                     Dolphin 1        Dolphin 2         Dolphin 3
Length              188'                 225'                268'
Speed               22mph            30mph            40+mph
Submerged      5-7 days          20-24 d           35+  d
Displacement  1,900 Tons      2,400 T           2,800 T

3 AIP Super Dolphin III Subs Under Construction
Deliveries 2020 thru 2024. Note: When Replaced
Dolphin 1's a Further Order Of 3 Dolphins Follow

Some of the improvements of Super Dolphins
over first 3 that were produced back in 1990's
are: they are thirty-six feet longer, over10 feet
taller, don't produce any air bubbles, no noises, 
have nonmetallic acoustical non detectable hulls,
a radical torpedo ejection system using unique
hydraulics mechanism which is quicker, quieter
and safer on deploying Seal Teams or nuclear
type cruise missiles, also a radical new towed
camouflaged quiet communication gear array,
stealthy sub shape modifications increased
oversized stowage for nuclear & conventional
mix reloads, new revolutionary unique 7 blade 
propeller design 4 more efficient distance and
high speed stealth operations. Original 3 1990
era Dolphin I have the  redesign 'X' 4 blade tail
rudder arrangement. Then Super Dolphin II's
were given an even newer 7 blade X layout. So
you can look carefully in pictures Above Israel
moved the dive planes from usual sail position
now to forward upper hull allowing for quicker
submerging and extremely faster surface
breaching deep ocean maneuvers.

Navy staff revealed at a 2012 news conference
that all 3 of the first generation   Dolphin I series
(Dolphin, Leviathan & Tekuma) have secretly
been up graded and even  modernized whereby
each sub was partially disassembled  both engine 
and electrical being thoroughly scrubbed clean. 
Hull cracks were welded & other electronics got
complete make over with new technologies
developed in last 10 years. This mid life 0-time
complete submarine refurbishment means IF
the Israel Navy decides to change-out the  3
older Dolphin i subs for newer Dolphin II's or
even III's. The 3 older Dolphin I's are good for
another 25 years of service therefore bringing
a very high resale price. This  means that all 3
Dolphin I series subs have now been brought
up to current standards w larger fuel tanks
concomitant 25% increase in range conversion
of two more torpedo tubes, enhanced 650mm
size for  ICCM  or  Inter Continental Cruise
Missiles capability as found now on very new 
Turbo Popeye 3 extended range weapons, the
7 blade tail rudder with new 7 blade high tech
propeller to provide faster speeds and ranges.
This will allow the INS the choice of either use
the Suez canal or be able to circumnavigate
Africa while not relying on others or political
encumbrances. This works out to sea endur-
ances of over a 1
 months and unrefueled
distances of over 10,000km. The 12 hundred
plus mile cruise missile carries a 200 kiloton
nuclear warhead  OR   a conventional type
warhead depending on 11 minute quick -
change before firing / launch. Israel Naval
Service is now awaiting delivery of sixth 6th
Dolphin II series ballistic submarine Dragon
in late 2019.  Dolphin II series has on board
an AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system
that will allow continuous submerged times
over month in duration without any bubbles
or noises. Naval command has established
2 complete crews for each sub & ship which
translates into less down time & fresher more
motivated alert crew members throughout fleet.

Forward Bow Dive Planes  D-II w7 Blade Rudder
Emergency Breach Maneuver  D-II 7 Blade Prop


Deep in their interiors, on decks 2/3, submarines
contain a secret that even in Israel is only known
to a few insiders: nuclear warheads, small enough
to be mounted on cruise missiles but  explosive
enough to execute a nuclear strike that'll cause
the most devastating underground results.   This
secret is considered 1 of the best kept in modern
military history. Anyone who speaks about it in
Israel runs the risk of being sentenced to a very
long prison term in extreme solitary confinement.  
Just ask a 40+ year prisoner named Mr Vununu !

Our der Spiegel Research was conducted in
Israel, Germany & the USA,  among current
and past government ministers, military staffs,
defense engineers & intelligence agents,  no
longer leaves any room for doubt: With the
help of new German maritime tech, Israel has
managed to create for itself a floating nuclear
weapons arsenal: a 21st century fleet of subs 
all  equipped with the latest state of Naval
nuclear technologies. Foreign journalists have
never boarded 1 of the combat vessels before. 
In an unaccustomed show of new openness,
senior politicians & the military with the Jewish
state were now willing to talk about importance
of this 20 year on going German-Israeli military
cooperation & her role, albeit usually under the
condition of anonymity.   "In the end, it is really
very simple," so says Defense Minister Ehud
Barak 2015. "Germany is helping to defend the
only Jewish state's future and it's  security.
Germans are very proud of the fact that they
have secured the existence of State of Israel
for years to come." on the other hand any
research that did take place in Israel  was
subject to Israeli censorship. Any Israeli quotes,
as well as any of the photographer's pictures,
had to be submitted to the military censor. All
questions about Israel's nuclear capability,
whether on air, land or on water, were taboo. 

Decks #2 & #3,    where nuclear weapons are
kept, remained off-limits even to the visitors. In
Germany, the government's military assistance
for sub program has been very controversial for  
25 years, a topic of discussion for the media and
parliament. German Chancellor Angela Merkel
fears the kind of public debate that German Nobel
laureate Günter Grass reignited with a published
poem critical of Israel, Merkel insists on secrecy
& doesn't want the details of deal to be public.
To this day, Bonn governments are sticking to
positions that they do not know anything about
the Israeli nuclear weapons systems onboard
German design and built submarines.  Now the
3rd Bid for Dolphin 3's #7, #8 and #9 ordered !

Many former German officials  have admitted to
the nuclear dimension for the first time. "from the
first orders of Dolphin subs they were supposed
to be nuclear-capable,"  says Hans Rühle, head
of the planning staff at German Defense Ministry
in the late 80's and 90's.  Ruhle says he doubted
that "Israel stationed nuclear weapons on her 
Dolphin submarines" Ruppelt, director of arms  
procurement at the Defense Ministry admits that
it was  immediately clear that the Israeli Navy got
subs as nuke weapons platforms the sort that a
small country like Israel can't station on land. Our
officials speaking under protection of anonymity
were even more forth coming. "From the very
arrival, Dolphins were primarily used for purposes
of nuclear capability," says a ministry official with 
knowledge of the program. Why else would the
poorest of the 3 Israeli military branches have
spent hundreds of millions of dollars on ultra
modern under-ground facilities, on nuclear
peripheral naval assets, as well as these very
expensive MSRP 500 million $ Dolphin subs?  
I rest my case.

Insiders say that Israeli defense technology
company Rafael built the under water flying
cruise missile for Dolphin sub series torpedo
tubes. Apparently it involved a further new
development of the very successful Popeye
ALCM (Air Launch Cruise Missile) type, that 
the USAF swears by for its strategic B-52 air
borne configuration (Have Nap & Have Lite)
with the now range capabilities around 1,500/
2,000 mi that reach Iran even with an Israeli
400 pound nuclear warhead factored in. All
Nuke payloads come from the Negev desert
where Israel has operated a French design &
built facility for 50 plus years, since the early
1960s in underground: plutonium separation
plant/weapons fabrication assembly building      

German Funded, French built, British Supplied WMD 1959-2020

Then there was the legend of a brand new colonel
named Issac Yaakov who was the liaison between
the civilian, IDF and the Prime Minister, especially
when it came to   The Bomb.   Again Shimshon or
Samson was the code & in 1966  a rush was made

to finish a nuclear device which 3 did make it in time
for the 1967 War. It was first thought the new Jewish
state was not going to survive and  therefore a plan
was drawn up to put the A-bomb on a hill top over
looking Egypt but from the Sinai side by an IDF com-
mando team with 2 big transport helicopters & then
detonate it to scare the Egyptians enough to make
them back down from their onslaught of Israel.
luck would have it the battle turned in Israel's favor &
this half baked plan simply went away into history.
This was the Top Secret IDF nuclear storage site

for all war heads in the 1st decade 57-67. A Tegart
British WWII concrete fort outside today's Gedera.

Remember.... Nuclear Ambiguity is the most genius
            Israeli military concepts ever !

Questions  how developed the Israeli cruise missiles
are now no longer a matter of debate. Their develop-
ment is a complex project.    The missiles only public
manifestation was  two tests Israel conducted off the
coast of  Sri Lanka for the Indian defense forces and
was monitored at both ends by US 7th fleet in a leak
to an accidental USN secret report in late 2002. And
by 2017 these ballistic nuclear cruise sub launched
missiles have exceeded 3500 mile range @ Mach 1.
The story goes that in 2000 both the Israeli Navy sub
Dolphin and Leviathan EACH fired a 900+ mile SLCM
from one of it's over sized 25" torpedo tubes off the
coast of Sri Lanka down range to Indian Naval officers
and dignitaries aboard prepositioned naval vessels.

Popeye Turbo II Under Sea Launch

Popeye Turbo II 2 Stage Air & Water Engine
These subs are the military response to threats in a
region where Israel is totally surrounded.      "where
there is no mercy for the weak  and second place is
certain death " Defense Minister Barak says.   They
are an insurance policy against the   Israelis' funda-
mental fear was that     the Arabs could wipe us off 
map at any time today,  Ben-Gurion, prime minister
(PM) and founder of the State of Israel    often said.

We'll never again be led as lambs to a slaughter," a
lesson David Ben-Gurion and Israel drew from their
history with     Egyptians, Hittites, Romans, Greeks,
Crusaders,  Omayyads,  Turks,   British  and Nazi's.   
Armed with nuclear weapons, the subs are a signal
to any would-be enemy that the Jewish State would
not be totally  defenseless in the event of a nuclear
attack, but could hit back with ultimate weapons of
retaliation. It was at this time in the 1950's that P.M.
Ben Gurion designated one of his young (in his 20's)
disciples Shimon Peres who was fluent in French &
the liberals in charge of  Germany,  England and of
France, to put together a TRIAD.    Ballistic rockets,
Air Force bombs and now the sub fleet of the Israeli
Navy branch. Dolphin subs are "a way of guarantee-
ing that   ANY   enemy will not be tempted to strike
pre-emptively with non-conventional weapons & try 
to get away Scott-Free,"   as the Israeli Naval Cmdr
Admiral Avraham 'Avi' Botzer puts it.

REMEMBER, democracies do not attack & declare
war on other democracies.   Five decades & 5 wars,
Israel has had nuclear weapons & never used them. 
How many decades will that work for say Iran?  Uh,
probably it will not be even years but rather days or
just hours! Now Israel's over half century of nuclear
deniability has NOT been the problem, peace loving 
Iranian terrorist state has been.  Like Adolph Hitler !

In this version of a tit-for-tat, known as nuclear second
strike capability, 100's of thousands dead are avenged
with an equally large number of casualties.   It's a stra-
tegy the USA & Russia practiced during the Cold War 
by constantly keeping part of its nuclear arsenal ready
on subs. Israel, about the size of  New Jersey or state
of Germany's Hesse,    which could be wiped out with
just a couple of nuclear strikes are now safe guarded
from this threat potential today.  At the same time, the
Israeli nuclear arsenal has caused countries like Iran,
Syria & Egypt to regard Israel's nuclear capacity with
fear or even envy while making them consider starting
their own nuclear weapon programs.  This makes the
question of its global political responsibility just all the
more relevant for Germany. Should Germany,   home
of the perpetrators, be allowed to assist Israel land of
the victims,      in the development of nuclear weapon
delivery systems capable  extinguishing hundreds  of
thousands of lives? Is Berlin promoting an arms race
in the Middle East?  Or should Germany be a historic
reminder & obligation    stemming from the crimes of    
Nazis, assume a responsibility that's become "part of
Germany's reason of state as Chancellor Merkel said
in a speech before the Israeli parliament, Knesset, in
March 2008?    "It means that for me as a chancellor,
Israel's security is never to be negotiable," Merkel had
told lawmakers. Perils of such unconditional solidarity
were also       addressed by Germanys new president, 
Joachim Guk, during his first official visit to Jerusalem
in 2012: "I really don/t want to imagine every scenario
that can get our chancellor in    tremendous hot water
when it comes to a    very politically implementing her
statement,     Israel's security is    constantly a part of
Germany's reason for being a democratic state with a
conscience of the past and it's not to be forgotten."

The German government has always pursued an un-
written rule on its Israel policy,      which has already
lasted half a century & survived all changes of admin-
istrations & that former German Chancellor Gerhard
Schröder summarized in 2002  when he said: "I want
to be perfectly clear: "The Israeli State receives from
us what it needs to maintain its security."

Part 2: Strauss, Beginnings of Arms Cooperation
Those who subscribe to this logic are often prepared
to violate our arms export laws. Ever since the era of
Konrad Adenauer, country's first postwar leader met
with newly appointed intermediary Shimon Peres, our
German chancellors have pushed thru various military
deals with Israel without parliamentary approval, kept
the Federal Security Council     in the dark or as then
Defense Minister Franz-Josef Strauss,     member of 
conservative Christian Social Union did & personally
dropped off military equipment. That was what hap-
pened in an incident in the mid 1980s, when Strauss
drove up to a darken Israeli mission in Cologne   in a
sedan car and handed blue prints wrapped in a coat
to a Mossad liaison officer, saying it was "for   Black
Ops boys back in Tel Aviv." It was plans for a revolu-
tionary model of an armor-piercing 120mm main tank
canon and which would later be adopted by the U.S,
Army and every western tank producing country.    It
was so cutting edge that it would by the    end of the
century be 1 of 3 reasons Merkava's are considered
the best combat main battle tank in the world period!
Israel soon was making its   own version for it's new
Merkava Mk3 in 1989 & today's Merkava Mk IV BAZ.
A real battlefield game changer in armor warfare. And
then Rheinmetal of Germany received from Israel the
Lahat, guided missiles that's fired by tanks and BVR 
(beyond visual range / over the horizon); so accurate
and  successful that now 14 armies, including NATO
and Abrams tanks have it in inventories. These Arms
cooperation's were delicate issues under chancellors.
During the Cold War,     Bonn feared that it may lose
Arab world to East Germany if it openly aligned itself
with Israel.  Later,  Germany was consumed by fears
over Arab oil,   the lubricant of the German economic
miracle. Cooperating with Germany had the potential
to be politically explosive for various  Israeli  adminis-
trations. Whether what form the  Jewish state should
accept Germany's help was controversial for   Israeli
public opinion. Then Prime Minister Menachem Begin
who'd lost much of his family in the Holocaust,  could
only see that Germany as "land of the murderers." To
this day, financial assistance for Israel is still referred
to as "reparations."  Funny how in the end things sort
of work themselves out like a  2006  discovery of gas
and oil reserves larger even than Saudi Arabia... now
have been found within Eretz Israel territory.

My Reason For Insertion Here Is Because:
The Dolphin series of subs brought a whole new
Revolution to the various IDF commands, forces
and equipment around the term "Net CENTRIC."
Dolphins were the first in the new age of High
Tech, Computerization, Crypto, Encrypted Comm.
Now the inter operative ability between Dolphins,
F-35I's, Surface ships, Armor Assets, RPV's,  G550
Gulfstream IAI CEWS, Command & Control, Military
Staffs, Iron Dome, David's Sling, Arrow3 (see below),
Laser Canons  and Civilian Command and Control.
All can now instantly & securely talk to one another.

Note to Above:  
now the U.S. military has just taken
delivery of it's first Iron Dome Israeli defensive missile
systems with a      multi billion dollar mass production
order with Rafael / IAI  co-partner Ratheon beginning
in 2019. The latest point defense air defense system.
The U.S. Army is ordering battalions of    Iron Domes
under the Trump's new military re-building program...

Israel has over 10+ years operational & combat battle
experience with armor self protection systems. Latest
variant of the unique Israel MBT  Merkava Mk IV Barak

is above. Below is high speed 100kph Eitan 2

Equiped with an improved and much lighter in
weight Rafael Trophy armor protective system.

Further... US Army is to order a full division of Bradley

Here Above with IAI Iron Fist & Elta Radar dishes.

The Stryker above and Abrams M1 tanks below now
are fitted with the Rafael Israeli Trophy SPS or (self
protection system) which is license built by Raytheon.
Also, the U.S. Marine Corps has followed suite as well.

U,S, Army  Abrams M1A2 SEP Ver3 Tank Above
With New Trophy Mk2 Updated Systems

Further... Germany to order Trophy for German Army
new Leopard II tanks. All NATO nations have  signed
onto these  Israeli self protection Tank & APC systems, 
with both the 'Trophy & Iron Fist' systems. Swedish,
Italian & the Royal Netherlands are arming UP with
these systems. Czech, Indian, UK, Finland, Italian and
France have all begun contacts with   Iron Fist IAI and
Rafael's 'Trophy' combat vehicle protection systems.

Whew! Hard to keep up with all the news just pouring in!

Back to Dolphins...
Co-operation on defense matters was a little bit more
problematical. It began during the era of king   Franz-
Josef, who recognized early on that aid for Israel was
not just a new moral imperative,  but was also   result
of pragmatic political necessity. But no one could help    
Germany now  acquire world respect more effectively
than these children of Holocaust survivors.

In December 1957,  Strauss then met with an Israeli
delegation on discussions at his home   Rosenheim,
in Bavaria.  Most prominent member of the Israelis
was the man who,   in the following decades, would
become the key figure in     Israel's  arms deals with
Germany,  as well as the father of the Israeli atomic
bomb: Shimon Peres, who later became Israel's PM
(prime minister) & then 93 year old president. He
would pass away Wednesday September 28th 2016.

It's now known that     arms shipments began no later
than 1958.   German defense minister even had arms
& equipment secretly removed   from German military
stockpiles and then     reported to the police as stolen. 
Many of the these shipments reached Israel by way of
indirect routes & were declared as Loans.  Equipment
included Sikorsky helicopters, Noratlas transports, up
graded Patton M60 tanks, aircraft guns, howitzer and
antitank guided missiles. There is    "no clear legal or
budgetary basis for the shipments," a German official
admitted in an internal document at the time.  This all
in very close co-ordination with  NATO & Eisenhower
white house administration.       Adenauer backed his
defense minister in  1967   when it became clear just
how correct he was in this decision, as  IDF-AF  pre-
empted an attack by its   neighbors and achieved  a
brilliant victory in the 6-Day War. From then on,  PM
Strauss's friend Peres   consistently reminded all his
fellow Israelis not to forget  "what helped us achieve
that victory.     Fact that  German security guarantee
was not question of partisan politics became evident
six years later, when    Social Democrat Willy Brandt 
headed the government in Bonn & Israel was on the
verge of defeat in the 1973 Yom Kippur War.   Then
Germany was officially uninvolved in the war but the
chancellor personally approved  arms shipments   to
Israel, Brandt biographer Merseburger reported.  As
those involved recall today, Brandt's decision was a
"violation of law" that his speech writer, Klaus Harpt, 
sought to justify by attributing     chancellors actions
to an emergency beyond the law. Chancellor Brandt
apparently saw "overriding obligation of the German
government" to rescue the country created by WWII.

It was only after horrors of the      1956 war that Israeli
leadership and pentagon (Kirya) said never again and
in underground plutonium separation plants & nuclear 
weapons plant they  wanted the only means available
to prevent another Arab inspired holocaust. In the '60s
Israel's interests had moved past    conventional arms.
Ben-Gurion had entrusted Peres with a secret project:
Operation Samson
,    named after the  Biblical figure
who is supposed to have lived at the time    when the
Israelites were being oppressed by the       Philistines.
Samson was believed to be invincible   and was seen
as a self reliant figure.   Goals of the operation was to
build an atomic bomb.       Israelis told  allies that they
needed a source of cheap energy for a   combination
sea water desalination plant & electric power plant; &
they then planed to use the water to make the Negev
Desert bloom.     Strangely that has all happen today
but, costs have made that   project prohibitive due to 
enormous burdens of defense spending & arms race.

Now it should be noted here of a little know factoid in
history.    The corrupt dictator of Egypt Abdel Nasser,
decided to nationalize and take over forcibly;   British
built, French financed Suez Canal in 1956. These two
only friend both had was Israel who agreed to eliminate
terrorist crossing over from Sinai and wreaking havoc
on the Israeli settlers,   farmers & school kids many of
whom died and no one cared.  Not Russia, Not China
Not the USA and certainly NOT the UN.  A simmering
undeclared war went on  unchecked from 1948 cease
fire to   October 1956   Suez War     where the Israelis
conquered the entire   Sinai,  up to   and including the
Suez Canal itself.       Then pretending to intercede to
separate Egyptian and Israeli armies away from Suez,    
Franco-British forces attacked then pushing back and
crushing the Egyptian army.       Then to the rescue of
Egypt was the UN, Russia, China  and  YUP USA   all
now ganging up on Britain, France and Israel passing
UN threats and forcing them to retreat from the whole
canal.      What most do not seem to remember is this
would bring  General Charles DeGaule to power with
his first action to lash out at  NATO   and threw them
and their military Paris headquarters out on their ear.
Pssst, pay back is a bitch.     This also had an added
extra payment for  Israel's  loyalty & provided her the
entire Dimona nuclear reactor complex, reprocessing
plant & weapons factory.  Germany paid the bills with
over a   billion dollar secret Loan    during the 1960's.  
Next France  constructed the entire complex secretly.
Britain decided to make sure our Washington got the
message with a very critical ingredient used in nuclear
weapons production 'Heavy Water' delivered secretly
under table by the tons sent to Israel by  Royal Navy.
This was a political slap in the face only for the USA.
This is Suez War payback. Shame, US doesn't seem
to quite get it, stabbing allies in the back...STUPID !

The German government was left in the dark,  with
Strauss being the likely exception.  CSU  politician
was apparently brought into the loop in 1961. This
is suggested by a memo dated June 1961,   class-
ified as "top secret," which Strauss dictated after a
meeting in Paris with Peres & Ben-Gurion, in which
he wrote: "Ben-Gurion spoke about the production
of nuclear weapons."     One can speculate on the
reasons that  Ben-Gurion,   a Polish-born     social
democrat, chose to include the Bavarian conserva-
tive Strauss in his plans. There are indications that
the Israeli government had hoped to receive lots of
financial assistance for Operation Samson & make
a nuclear option a 1959  reality in time for '67 War.

Israel was cash-strapped at the time and with the
construction of her A-bomb consuming enormous
sums of money. This led Ben-Gurion to negotiate
in great secrecy w/ Conrad Adenauer over Loans
worth billions. It was reported that  to the German
negotiation records the    federal government has
now released in response to requests by Spiegel
Ben-Gurion  wanted to use the  Loan  for dessert
infrastructure project in the  Negev desert. There
was also that talk of an elusive sea water to fresh
water desalination plant that made Negev bloom.

Part 3: 1st Subs Secretly Assembled in England.      
A country that has the bomb is   also likely to search
for safe places to store it & safe launching platforms,  
like a sub, for example. In 1970s,  Brandt & Schmidt
were the first German chancellors to be  confronted
with the Israelis' determination to obtain subs. Three
vessels were to be built all in Great Britain using the
plans drawn up by the German company    Industrie
Kontor Lübeck (IKL). But export permit was needed
to send secret military documents out of the country.
To get around this,   IKL did agree with the German
Defense Ministry that the drawings would be   com-
pleted on the letterhead of a British shipyard & flown
on British military plane to the British town of Barrow
-in-Furness, where the subs were being assembled.
The 3 subs later prove  too small for nuke weapons.

Assuring   Israel's security was no longer the only goal
of the   German - Israeli arms co-operation, which then 
became a lucrative       business for German industry.      
In '77 the last of the U-209 3 GAL subs arrived in Haifa.   
But at that time,   nobody's thinking about nuclear 2nd-
strike nuclear capability. It wouldn't be until late 1980's,
when more &  more Israeli officers were returning from
U.S.   military academies & raving about this new USA
submarine technology,  that a discussion began about
modernizing the Israeli Navy with state-of-the-art subs
and about an Israeli nuclear option or a Second Strike
Ballistic Nuclear Capability   (The Samson Option).

Iran's Vulnerability from Subs, Drones &  ICCM

It should be inserted here    at an extraordinary Israeli
military chiefs '90 meeting thought out a new regional
strategy of US Navy ideas of nuclear  TRIAD  posture
and Israel's own  Samson Option   all converging with
Subs!  Bigger,  faster,  stealthy and quieter than even
then nuclear subs. It would mean the INS Israel naval
service would assume an  integral part of the nuclear
deterrent force by the incorporation of  sophisticated
stealth platforms having a radical new design, hybrid
technology and state-of-the-art  naval electronics for
the 21st century.  This was all concept at the time of
the yet to be built  German SSK 800  prototype subs.

At this time in early 1990's a power struggle was then
raging in the Israeli military.   There were 3 dedicated
teams working on 3 different classified projects,  one
for each branch of service Air, Land & Sea going on.

Stealth Lavi II Twin: Tail, Engine, Seat Concept
IDF Army Merkava Mk IV BAZ  w/Trophy Shield

The IDF-AF had the tiny hard to see and find Lavi 1st,  
but a 2nd generation  Lavi II  would come as a  Stealth
Follow-On with  too many foreign air force sales to the
consternation of       US Secretary of  Defense Caspar
Weinberger who decided to  KILL THE LAVI  period !

The IDF Army had the Merkava future tank project and 
Navy had a 2 track Concept.   Each one of two tracks
the Israeli Navy was developing had new technologies.
1 team advocated larger  Saar 5 missile corvettes with
combo Attack / SAR helicopter capabilities;    while the 
other team went with  5-6 next-gen   subs for off shore
patrolling & surveillance.  Israel is like an island where
97% of all Israel goods     arrive via water according to
Ami Aylon, 1990 Israel Naval Service commander and
later would be promoted    to head Shin Bet the Israeli
version of the NSA intel community.

Unknown then was a 2006 PARADIGM shift;  Immense
Energy and Gas discoveries just off the Tel Aviv, Haifa
coasts that needed  Naval surveillance and protection!
Now comes a very ironic twist to this timeline: enter Maj
Gen Israel Tal,    father of the revolutionary new Israeli
Merkava (Chariot) MBT of the 1970's. Back in the '80's
he gets this wonderful German gift of the world's state-
of-the-art main battle tank 'Canon',  New 120mm rifled
Rheinmetal of Germany barrel.   This puts the Merkava
in the same class with  latest British, French, German &
even U.S. Abrams MBT's. 10yrs later as deputy minister
of defense he'll return this favor & propose  INS take on
a key nuclear Triad role with a new stealthy boat; Type
800 / Dolphin series concept subs that'll become armed
with proprietary Israeli ballistic nuclear tipped warheads
first on US. Harpoons & latter Israeli designed Popeye I
& II subsurface launched cruise missiles or SLCM. This
major restructure would then seal the fate of INS as this
paradigm in military shift reveals a stunning 9 boat Wolf
Pack fleet. It's worth over $5 Billion in a 30 year program
(1995-2025).  Then you add in costs for underground &
hardening modern facilities  at all  3 naval installations, 
drones, aircraft, nuclear weapons, manning, fast missile
boats both big & small;  the total now exceeds 10 billion
U.S. dollars = Sea Supremacy.    We now see weapon-
ization of nuke tips to torpedo launched intercontinental
cruise missiles.  First with Popeye SLCM's, later when
Tomahawks were denied, 2,000 mile redesigned Turbo
Popeye III.    So,  Israel simply does as she so often has
done before when critical weapons have been denied or
embargoed, to just go out and        design, develop and  
build them herself which are then better, faster,  lighter,   
& a lot more compact,   less costly with added bonus of
no political strings & restrictions. It's only after the soon
arrival of the 3rd Dolphin Tekuma,  it was realized each
of Israel's 3 ports of Haifa, Eilat & Ashdod would require
a naval deployment pattern of buying subs in lots of 3's. 
While one is in port    the other 2 are rotated out for sea
deployment,  allowing for crew refreshing / shore leave,
resupplying, comings goings. (Note, this has been temp
re-defined that Six Subs were needed with 3 additional
in 10 year long term replacement due to prime minister
witch hunt investigations had to play out just to keep the
"orders from lapsing or cancelling altogether).  So the
Dolphin Series die was then cast. Dolphins were valued
at about  ½ billion dollars, but ran the INS around $330 
million funded. The first Three were almost free. Thanks 
to Sadaam Hussein and Iraq for your contributions to the
Israeli Defense Forces...     the IDF!

Then it was becoming apparent,     according to Ayalon,
"that in the Middle East things were heading for nuclear
weapons," especially in Iraq.    Fact that the Arab states
were seriously interested in building the bomb changed
Israel's defense doctrine, Sub can be used as a tactical
weapon for various missions but  the center of our dis-
cussions in the 1980s was the question of whether the  
navy was to receive additional task known as  Strategic
Depth.      Purchasing these submarines was "country's
key important strategic decision."

By end of the debate, the navy specified as its require-
ment that  Haifa's Israel Shipyards begin production on
an enhanced  Reshev class   Saar 4.5  with helicopter
stern capabilities along with a    new requirement for 3
SAAR V missile corvettes from US builder   which was
eligible for U.S. military FMS dollars. However in 2013,
the new Rafael Barak 8 SAM systems replaced in all 3
ships the original Barak 1 systems. Then a new naval
state-of-the-art IAI ELTA EL/M2248 multi-function 360°
active phased array  3D radar  surface warfare   C-link
system. Employing multi path beams and pulse Doppler
techniques. It's "pie-in-the-sky demand,"  as naval com-
mander Ayalon admitted. But Israel Navy top strategists
had hopes for a budgetary miracle. Alternatively they're
hoping     a rich benefactor that will be willing to provide
Israel a few billion dollar type Dolphin ballistic subs.

SAAR V Class Corvettes Lahav, Eilat & Hanit

A follow-up  Dec 2002 Chiefs Conference assessment
evaluated the progress now that the 3 Saar V's arrived,
first    3 Dolphins were deployed  and  nuclear SLBM's
successfully tested. Further expansion on the defense
Rings with the addition of a third ring.   First Ring was
the West Bank-PLO Gaza-Hamas Lebanon-Hezbollah.    
Second Ring was; Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan.
3rd Ring now included i.e. Turkey, Libya, Iraq, Sudan
& a virulent nuclear Iran.  Now a 2nd order of 3 Super
Dolphins was followed by a 3rd order creating 9 Nuke
Armed Dolphin Series I & II forming a submarine Wolf
Pack. But thanks to  Obama politics and desperation,
a bad deal was rushed into by late '13. A ripple effect
was to drive a Mid East realignment of Saudi Arabia,
Qatar, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain  to form a front with
Israel against an emerging nuclear Shiite Iran.  Nice! 
In 2011 we saw a   metastasizing cancer imposing a
terrorist Caliphate state from   Lebanon to  Basra oil
fields on  Persian Gulf   evolving from the  ISIL  wars  
in Syria then Iraq and soon to Afghanistan, Lebanon,
Jordan & into the Saudi Arabian peninsular by 2015. 
Only now it's Iran filling in  void left by ISIS, AlQaida,
and joining Russia, Al Asaad's Syria, Nasralla's army
Hezbollah and even Gaza's Hamas. Israel's answer   

Here 1 of the 4 new EEZ Oil Rig high speed Stealth Patrollers

Plants for civilian desalination plants are operated with
nuclear power did in fact exist and the development of
the Negev was also 1 of the largest projects in Israel's
brief history. When Rainer Barzel,   the conservatives'
parliamentary floor leader,  inquired about the project
in Jerusalem,   Israelis explained that obtaining water
through desalination was an "epochal task."   Official
who accompanied Barzel noted that Israelis had said
that   "the necessary  nuclear power plants  would be
monitored internationally & could not be used for any
military purposes and that we had no reason to be so
concerned." An Israeli desalination plant operating on  
nuclear power was never built and it remains  unclear
what exactly happened with well over billion dollars in
deutsche marks that Germany gave the Israelis in the
period until 1965.  The payments were processed by
the Frankfurt based   Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau
(Reconstruct Credit Institute). The head of the 'RCU'
organization said in internal discussions that the use
of the funds was "never audited." "Everything seems
to suggest that the  Israeli A- bomb  was indeed paid
in full by German Dutch marks,"  says Avner Cohen,
an Israeli historian at the Monterey Institute  Studies, 
in California an expert on world nuclear weapons. So
by 1967 Israel had assembled  six  nuclear weapons.
Then Israeli governments dismissed questions about
its nuclear arsenal with a   standard official response
that originated in 1973 by    defense minister Peres:        
"Israel will not threaten it's neighbors in the     Middle
East and will do all in its power to prevent an     Arab
Nuclear threat." National stand on Nuclear Ambiguity 
has served Israel well for 46 years & counting and is
still the Israeli government's official position.  That is
mainly due to a technical fact that all nukes, even on
submarines,  are not nuclear assembled,  but remain
only a screw driver turn away   from being in combat
status. So in fact Israel can state honestly they don't
not have any nuclear weapons.   When dealing with
their German allies, however, Israeli politicians used
language that hardly concealed the truth.  A story of
the legendary former Defense Minister Mosh Dayan   
visiting Bonn in the fall of '77 he said to   Chancellor
Helmut Schmidt on neighboring Egypt's old fear that
'Israel might resort to nuclear weapons.' Dayan said 
he understood those Egyptians' concerns & pointed
out that in his opinion the use of  nukes  against the
Aswan dam would have 'devastating consequences.
AND for that reason, Dayan said 'we won't consider
this option unless Israel's very existence is threaten.'

Two who finally catapulted Israel into the circle of new
modern submarine powers were PM's   Kohl & Yitzhak
Rabin.   Rabin's father had fought in World War II as a
volunteer in the Jewish Legion of the British army and
Rabin himself led the Israeli army to victory,       as it's
chief of staff, in the 1967 Six-Day War. In 1984 having
served one term as prime minister mid 1960s, he then
moved to the cabinet, becoming the defense minister.
Rabin knew that  just installed German government in
Bonn had introduced new  political principles for arms
exports in 1982. According to policy,  arms shipments  
"can't add to increase in tensions."

This malleable wording made possible the delivery of
submarines to Israel,    especially in combination with
famous remark once made by former Foreign Minister
Hans-Dietrich Genscher: "Anything that floats is  OK"
because governments generally don't use boats that
float to actually suppress demonstrators or noisy
crowds of dissenting voices.

Early Proof of Concept Model for the Israel Navy 
Compare This Concept With Dolphin 3 Model Above

After World War II, Allies had forbidden Germany from
building large subs. As  result the chief supplier to the
the German navy, Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG
(HDW), located in the northern port city of Kiel had to
shifted its focus building small 'coastal' maneuverable
boats that could also operate in the   Baltic and North
Seas. The Israelis were interested in ships that could
navigate in similarly shallow waters such as along the
Lebanese, Egyptian & Syrian coast, where they have
to be able to lie at periscope depth,  listen in on radio
communications and    compare the sounds of ship's
propellers with an onboard database.  So the Israelis
obtained bids from the  United States,   Great Britain
and the Netherlands, but it was the     German boats
that were the best in the world,    said an Israeli who
was involved in the decision.  Weeks after the fall of
Berlin Wall in '89, suddenly the German government,
went practically unnoticed by  general public,   gave
the green light for construction of two Dolphin class
submarines,  with the usual option for a third vessel.
Moshe Arens, the father of the IAF hopes & dreams
with the LAVI future ATF on his last day in office rec-
commended BUYING 2 Dolphins & decide later on
the third purchase. Decision was soon killed by CinC.
But this strategic deal of the century damn near fell
through.   Although the Germans had agreed to pay
in part the costs, which mutually excluded any of the
weapon systems that the Americans were supposed
to also pay through FMS funds. But in the meantime 
the Israelis had voted a  new government into office
that was bitterly divided over investments.  Also the
Navy gets the last slice   of any  military  funding pie.
It was killed by new Defense Minister    Ehud Barak!

In particular Moshe Arens, who was then appointed
defense minister in 1990, fought to stop the    Subs
billion dollar agreement with success to fund his Air
Force pet project the Lavi fighter jet..     On Nov. 30,
1990 Israeli government notified the shipyard in Kiel
that it wished to withdraw from contract.   So was a
dream now lost of nuclear second-strike capability?
                                                     By No Means!
In January 1991, the US air force attacked Iraq and
then Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein reacted by firing
modified Scud missiles at  Israeli population centers
in Tel Aviv and Haifa.   The bombardment lasted six
weeks. Gas masks, some even from Germany were
distributed to all households.   "It's an inconceivable
scenario," recalls Ehud Barak,    the Israeli defense
minister. During those days Jewish immigrants from
Russia arrived,  "and we had to hand them German
gas masks at the airport      to protect them against
rockets that Iraqis had built thanks to the  Russians
& the Germans." Days after the Scud missile attack
began, German military officials from their Embassy
in Israel  requested an urgent secret meeting at the
Chancellery, in a secret report with a bag of   'stuff'
that the contents was emptied onto the conference
table.   There spread out were dozens of electronic
parts components of a control system and even the
detonator percussion fuses of these modified Scud
missiles. They all had one big thing in common: All
bore Made In Germany.                So this... Means:
  No Scuds & Without Scuds = No Dead Israelis

Once again, Germany bore some of the responsibility
& that was also the message that Hanan Alon, senior
Israeli Defense Ministry official brought to Kohl during
a visit to Bonn about a month after the above briefing.
He said "It would be unpleasant if it came out, through
the media, that Germany helped Iraq to make poison
gas and then supplied us with the equipment against
it, Mr. Chancellor," Alon said. Then according to Kohl
he also issued an open threat, saying: "You're aware
words Gas & Germany don't go Very Good together."

Israeli Techs & German HDW Workers

Part 4: The Shipyards of Kiel
The Germans got the message.  "Israel-Germany-Gas"
would sound like a "horrible headline" in the rest of the
world, then Foreign Minister Genscher,   warned in an
internal memo. January 1991 after the beginning of the
Gulf War    German government had agreed to supply
Israel with armaments worth 1+ billion deutsche marks.

This included the complete financing of TWO  Dolphin
submarines @ 880 million deutsche marks. Budgetary
miracle for the   tiny Israeli Navy      had come to pass.
Each subsequent Dolphin was about  ± $300 million to  
the Israeli Navy cost    in annual disbursement of funds.

                   Presidente for Life Sadaam Hussein!

According to military wisdom,  a country that buys 1 or
2 submarines always also buys a 3rd. One submarine
is usually in port,  while the other two take turns being
deployed during operations "After we had ordered the
first two boats, it's clear that we had then entered into
a deal which would involve repeat orders,"     says an
individual who was a member of  Israeli cabinet at the
time. So INS submarine orders always come in three's.

On a winter's day in 1994, at 6pm, an Israeli Air Force
plane landed in the military area of Cologne-Bonn Air-
port.    Its passengers wanted to discuss the future of
Israel and the Middle East. On board were three men:
PM Yitzhak Rabin,   his national security adviser  and
Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit.     The small delegation
was driven to chancellor's residence,   where Helmut
Kohl was waiting with his  foreign adviser,   confidant
and intelligence coordinator Bern Schmidbauer.

On that evening, Kohl and Rabin discussed the path
to peace in the Middle East. Rabin  &  Yasser Arafat
had been jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize the
year before, together with Peres. For the first time in
a long time,    conciliation seemed possible between
Israelis and Arabs.  Germany serving as middle man.

In Bonn,   Rabin spoke at length about the German-
Israeli relationship, which was still difficult. At dinner,
Kohl surprised visitors serving wheat beer.   Israelis
were delighted. "The beer tastes great," Rabin said.
Ice had been broken.     On that evening, the Israeli
premier asked Germany for the Third sub and Kohl
spontaneously said "of course!" At around midnight,
Schmidbauer took Rabin back to airport. Kohl, who
was virtually unmatched  in the art of male bonding
in politics, sent a case to     Israel for Christmas '94.    
Only a few months after the secret meeting in Bonn
February 1995 the contract for 3rd submarine,  the
Tekumah was signed.   German share of the costs
totaled 220 million German marks.


Since then, one of the  most secretive arms projects in
the Western world has been under way in Kiel,  where
a special form of bonding between the   German & the
Israeli people developed. Around half a dozen  Israelis
work at the shipyard today on  long-term basis. Friend
ships, have formed between HDW engineers and their
families and the Israeli families and  special occasions
are celebrated together. But despite all these contacts
the Israelis always make sure that  no  outsiders were
allowed near the subs without escorts.

Managers from Thyssen-Krupp, which bought HDW in
'2005, are denied access even today. "The main goal
of everyone involved was   to ensure that there would
be no public debate about the project, neither in Israel
nor Germany," says former  Israeli naval chief Ayalon.   
This explains why everything related to  equipment on
the ships remains hidden behind  veil of secrecy. One
of the special features the equipment used in  Dolphin
class, which is named after the lead ship is AIP.   Also
unlike conventional subs, these Dolphins don't use  6
standard torpedo tubes with a 533mm diameter in the
steel bow.      In response to Israeli request the  HDW
engineers designed four additional tubes at 650mm in
oversize diameter; a special design not found on any
other sub in the world. A Curious Request & Feature!

What's the purpose of the large tubes? In a classified
2006 memo, German governments argued that tubes
are an    "option for the transfer of special forces and
pressure-free stowage of their equipment"     combat
seal teams for example who can be released through
the 25" over sized shafts for secret operations. Same
explanation is given by the Israeli Navy.

Jericho Nuke Football    Core With Protective Shields     
First it was the size of a watermelon for the Jericho I
1970's program. Then it evolved to about the size of
a large cantaloupe for the Israeli Air Force  ATG  air
to ground weapons (back then first generation 1980
Popeye I). 2000 and later around a small cantaloupe
size for Dolphin sub weapons.  Today it is about the
size of  small grapefruit as it can fit into an IDF Army
artillery shells,  also under sea mines, land mines &
F-16 air to air aircraft missile ordinance.  The Arrow
3 SABM  (surface to air Anti Ballistic Missiles) have
been modified to carry nukes in both the Defensive
role missile as well as the Offensive IRBM version's.
Jericho III ICBM's  are now also fitted with the latest
compact size nuke version       according to several
foreign military sources like England's 'Janes.'


Further to the above is a    revolutionary scientific break
through by an American teenager in April 2013 whereby
a totally new process to      recharge a capacitor battery
is accomplished in a fraction of the time.      Cell phones
instead of 4+ hours can now be fully charged in less 20
seconds while an electric car running only on   batteries
instead of overnight is now only 15 minutes! So Dolphin
subs with this amazing technology can   1/2 recharge in
under 1 hour and full charge in 4 short hours tops ! The
3 even Newer Dolphin II     second batch of 3 ordered in
2016 for 1.3 billion dollars will incorporate this new tech.
So even in 2017 dollars the Dolphins were costing the
Israel Government around the original $320m price ea!

The first steel for     three boats was cut in April 1992
and the boats were laid down in October 94,  April 95,
December 96 for completion in July 1999,   November
1999 and July 2000 as the Dolphin Leviathan and the
Tekuma. First 2 subs were fully donated by Germany,
which also paid for half of the costs  for the third boat.
2005 2 more Dolphin class submarines were ordered
with options on 3rd to be delivered in 2009. Currently
these are the most expensive weapon platforms in all
of Israel's arsenal apart from nuke weapons program.

Dolphins are enlarged version derive from the Type
800 export class, except  internal revisions, to permit
the new incorporation of nuclear weapons & so that
underwater Seal Teams can leave & reenter the sub.
It is also likely that the boats are fitted with the latest
Triten/Spike  anti-ship/helicopter/drone SAM system.
The new submarines, ordered in 2005,  all have AIP
air independent propulsion systems.   Allowing them
to stay submerged for weeks instead days at a time.     
Primary anti-ship and anti-submarine    armament is
the STN Atlas DM2A4-ER   Seahake  a Fiber Optic
guided torpedo carrying 260-kg (573-lb) warhead to
a range of 14,215 yds. in active mode at 35 kts, or to
28Km (6 miles) in passive mode at 27 kts.   Delivery
of the complete DM2A4 package from Germany, the
numbers of NT37E torpedoes are included in a reg
torpedo fit.    Torpedo tube-laid mines both conven-
tional and nuclear are an alternative to the standard
torpedoes and other weapons that can be launched.
Up to 5 UGM-84C Sub-Harpoon underwater launch
cruise missiles of Israeli design (Popeye I&II) manu-
facture are fitted with conventional / nuke warheads.
Along with 6 X 533mm (21") conventional tubes,  all
of these subs  also have 4 X (25") tubes   optimized
for the launch of Seal Team delivery vehicles SDVs. 
Carriage liners are provided so that these tubes can
also be used, as NATO conventional torpedo tubes.

Left Popeye I ALCM Air Launch and 
Right Popeye II SLCM Sea Launch
Nuclear Ballistic Cruise Missiles
In U.S. A. it has long been speculated by the CIA and
DIA that the 650mm tubes could be  intended for any
ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads.  This
suspicion was fueled by two Israeli request for Toma-
hawk cruise missiles in 2000.  Tomahawks can have
ranges of over 600 kilometers while nuclear versions
can even fly about 2,500 kilometers.  But the Clinton
administration rejected the request twice. This is why
the Israelis developed  ballistic missiles  of their own
design today such as Popeye Turbo SLCM. Nuclear
carrier type missiles are readily available in the  INS
Dolphins. Contrary to official assumptions, HDW did
build the Dolphin submarines with  newly developed   
Hydraulic Ejection system instead of compressed air
ejection system. This process, water is compressed
with a hydraulic ram which is now     state-of-the-art.

Terminal Phase Air Launch    Vertical ICCM Version

Resulting pressure is then used to catapult weapons
out of torpedo shaft.   Resulting momentum is limited,
however & it isn't enough to eject a    three to five ton
midrange missile out of the ship at least according to
insiders. Not so with lighter weight missiles weighing
up to one ton like the Popeye Turbo or the American
Tomahawk, which weighs just about that & the nuke
warhead is included.   There are indications that the
Israelis wanted to keep open   option  of future more
voluminous developments in naval warfare.

Popeye II Turbo Latest Long Range Version

Part 5: The German Atomic Question:
                    No Questions EQUALS No Problems

The Germans don't want to know anything about that.
"It's clear to each of us,   with out anything being said,
that all Dolphins had been tailored to the needs of the
Israelis and that could also  include nuke capabilities,"
says senior German official involved during  Kohl era.
"But in politics there're questions that it's better not to
ask, because the answer would be a problem. "To this
day, former   German FM Genscher and    former DM
Volker Ruhle say I don't doubt that Israel has equiped
the subs with nuclear weapons. For their part experts
with German military, the Bundeswehr,   do not doubt
nuclear capability of the submarines,   but they doubt
whether cruise missiles   could be made on the basis
of the Popeye Turbo II that could fly 3,500 km (1,500
miles). Military experts suggest, that the Israeli govmt
is bluffing, in bid to make Iran believe that the Jewish
State already has sea-based second-strike capability.
The Mossad kidnap the top Iranian nuclear physicist
2019 with CIA and assassinated the #2 senior expert.
That alone has force Tehran govt. to commit consid-
erable resources to defending itself.    First person to
publicly voice suspicions that     German government
was still supporting Israel in its nuclear weapons pgm
was Gansel, from Kiel. Saying to German parliament,
"SPD oposed shipment of     submarines suitable for
nuclear missions to the  Jewish State,"   even though
Germany itself has  no nuclear weapons of any kind.

The German government did make at least one stab
at clearing up the nuclear issue.  It's 1988,  DM Sec.
Lother Rühl, in a visit to Israel, asked then DM Ehud
Barak what the   "operational and strategic purpose
of the ships" was.  "We need them to clear maritime
maneuvering areas,"  Barak replied.        The Israeli
mentioned the Egyptian naval blockade  of the Gulf
of Aqaba ahead of 6 Day War. Israelis wanted tobe
armed against such a step, he said.  &  it did sound
very plausible.   Every German administration been
keenly aware of how     explosive these  issues are.
When the German Finance Ministry    had to report
the funds for the 2006 financing of sub  #4, #5,  the
ministry officials were clearly squirming.     Planned
weapons system is "not very suitable for the use of
missiles equipped with nuclear warheads.     These
submarines are therefore not being  constructed  &
equipped for launching nuclear weapons," reads  a
classified document from     Finance Ministry State
Secretary Karl Diller    to the Bundestag committee
dated Aug. 29, '06. In other words, the government
was saying that Germany delivered a conventional
submarine & what the Israelis did with it afterwards
was their own business. In 1999 Secretary Schulte
wrote the German government could not   "rule out
armament for which operating navy has  capability,   
following appropriate retrofitting."

Conflict between Israel and Iran has intensified steadily
since 2006. War is a real danger.     leadership & Kirya
(IDF Pentagon) said never again and For months Israel
has been preparing many governments around the world
as well as the international public,   for a bombing of the
nuclear facilities at Natanz, Fordu and Isfahan using cut-
ting edge conventional, bunker-busting weapons.    PM
Bibi Netanyahu and his DM E Barak are convinced that
the "window" is now closing which such an attack would
be at all effective,  as Iran is in the process of moving its
nuclear enrichment activities deep below ground.  In the
controversial poem "What Must Be Said" Grass said the
submarines,  "whose specialty consists in their ability to
direct nuclear warheads toward  an area in which not a
single A-bomb / has yet to been tested,"   as potentially
decisive step towards a   nuclear disaster in the Iranian
conflict. Poem got an international No. Comparing Iran
& Israel 'wasn't brilliant, but absurd' said German Guido
Westerwelle. Netanyahu spoke of an 'absolute scandal'
& his interior minister banned Gunter Grass  from enter
Israel. But some people agreed with author. Gansel, the
SPD politician, says that Grass has triggered an impor-
tant debate, because Bibi's   'talk about preventive war'
touches on difficult aspect of international law.  Reality
it's unlikely Israel will use a submarine in a war with Iran
as long as Tehran doesn't have nukes though the Israeli
government has considered using Samson Option on at
least 2 occasions in the past. Country's military situation
following Egyptian & Syrian surprise attack during 1973
Yom Kippur War was so desperate that PM Golda Meir
as the Mossad reports has revealed    'ordered her DM
Moshe Dayan to prepare several nukes for combat and
deliver them to air force units' Just before the warheads
were to be armed, tide turned. Israel's forces gained the
upper hand on the battlefield and the WMD   made their
way back to their hardened deep underground bunkers.

The 1st hours of the '91 Gulf War, an American satellite
registered that Israel had responded to Iraqi Scuds bom-
bardment by mobilizing its nuclear forces Israeli military
analysts had briefly thought the  Scuds  might be armed
with poison gas. It's certain that Israel would have acted
if Scuds came with nerve gas on residential areas.  Bibi
& Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei,  definitely
know just how close   world stands today to a new war.
Israeli prime minister and Khamenei have "One thing in
common," says Walther Stützle,  former state secretary
in Germany's Federal DM:   'They'll resort to conflict as
last resort. Israel knows when it attacks, then Iran slips
out of the aggressor role & into that of victim' UN won't 
provide mandate that would legitimize  such an attack    
meaning Israel would be on her own.  Latest is 2014 to
2015 time frame an audacious attack by the  IDF-AF of
nuclear armed drones,     some launched from torpedo
tubes to minimize IDF fatalities & POW's.            All the
while keeping eye out for  Islamic Caliphate  encircling
the homeland by over taking  Golan Heights, Lebanon,
Jordan, Hezbollah and Hamas in Gaza / Sinai. Sheesh!

Dead Israel sympathy doesn't trump a live victor. Stützle
said. The friendship he now believes, requires  German
chancellor to stay Bibi's hand to prevent him from a last
resort to armed attack. Germany's sworn real obligation
is to protect  Israel   and includes protecting the country
embarking on world war scenario."   Schmidt went even
further, long before Grass.       "No one dares to criticize
Israel out of the fear of being accused of anti-Semitism,"
former chancellor told American historian Fritz Sern. Yet
Israel is a country, Schmidt suggests that "it makes for a
peaceful solution very problematic  just by virtue of who
Israel has for peace loving neighbors that are all smiles,
pleasantries and Oh, DECEIT. With a 60 long yr history
of policies on building settlements  (Gaza, Judea, Sinai,
Samaria) U might wonder why this issue was only raise
4 years ago!    The current chancellor it seem has allow
herself to essentially be taken in   by this Israeli point of
view. I wonder whether it's feeling of closeness with US
policies, or nebulous moral motives, that led Chancellor
Merkel to state in '08 that Germany bears responsibility
for security of the State of Israel. From my point of view,
this is a serious exaggeration, 1 that sounds very nearly
like the type of obligation that exists within an alliance."
Schmidt considers   it plain that Berlin has no business
participating in adventurous policies and he draws clear
boundaries:     "Germany has a historic responsibility to
make sure that a crime such as the      Holocaust never
again occurs.      On the other hand Germany does not
have a 'protectorate' responsibility for Israel."  From the
start,        Merkel viewed the matter differently from her
predecessor Schröder,  who approved delivery of subs
number 4 & 5 with options on a  6th  in his last working
day in office in '05.  With Chancellor Merkel, there was
never any doubt that    she would do what Israel asked
even at     cost of violating Germany's own arms export
guide lines. Rules amended in '01 by the SPD coalition, 
do allow weapons to be    supplied to countries that are
not part of the EU or NATO in the case of         "special
foreign or security policy interests."  But there is a clear
regulation for crisis regions:  Rules state that supplying
weapons     "is not authorized in countries that are now
involved in conflicts    or where there's a threat of one."
There no question that rule would include Israel. Which
didn't stop the PM from making a deal for delivery of sub
#6.  Merkel wasn't deterred by Bibi "NO" to compromise.
#6 Dolphin II Dragon Arrives This Year 2019

Renewing First 3 Dolphins with 3 Super Dolphin 2's

Part 6: The so Called Deal for Submarine Number 6
or really Rather #7 #8 #9 August 2009,     Netanyahu, 
had recently been re-elected as PM     as head of the
conservative Likud party and came to Berlin.       Bibi
explained to Merkel how important the      submarines
were for Israel; that wherever an Israeli looks    North,
South, East,    there is no strategic hinterland to work 
with & only air space & sea  to serve as buffer zones.
'We do need last 3 subs to have 3 subs in each port' 
participants in the meeting say Netanyahu told Merkel
during Berlin visit, coupling request that Germany cost
share these subs, as it had previous ones. Israel  just
completed another Military Chiefs reassessment in '07
based on the vast new oil &   gas fields discoveries in
2006 and needed to expand both   her naval assets &
patrolling capabilities to  protect them making final set
of 3 Dolphins an imperative & not a luxury. Also1 each
of the original 1990's Dolphin I series would join two 2
of the newer Super Dolphin II's at each of the 3 Israeli
naval bases. Merkels response has 3 specific requests
in exchange.   First Israel should halt all it's settlement
expansion on conquered '67 Palestinian land and 2nd
the government should    release tax collections it had
frozen which belong to Palestinian National Authority 3
Israel must allow construction of a   sewage treatment
plant in the Gaza Strip funded by Germany to continue.
Critical factor Merkel added was absolute discretion. If 
details leaked out deal would come unglued,  because
resistance from the Bundestag too much to over come.
These 2 leaders agreed    that German diplomat Chris
Heusgen & Bibi's security advisor Uzi Arad would work
out the details. Arad can be some what up set at times.

Fact was that Arad was supposed to be leading these
negotiations,  delayed the talks over these subs once
again.  In the end Bibi asked Yoram Ben-Zev, Israel's
ambassador to Germany to help. So Ben-Zev returnd
to Israel November  2011. Standing outside his home
in Zahala, Tel Aviv suburb   when his cell phone rang.
It's Jaakov Amidror Bibi's new security adviser.    'Are
you sitting down?' Amidror asked. I am standing in my
neglected garden Zev replied. Bibi has one more req-
uest, Amidror told him. 'Germany is ready to sign the
sub deal. You need to go on the next flight to Berlin'

Ultimately, Ben-Zev and Heusgen agreed on the final
details over the phone &   the contract was signed on 
March 2012,  at the Israeli ambassador's residence in
Berlin.  DM Barak flew in especially for the meeting &
Rüdiger Wolf, state secretary in the Federal Defense
Ministry, signed for German government.    Since the
Israelis had new current financial problems, Germany
made further concessions by agreeing to paying $170
million dollars 1/3 of the sub's cost & to allow Israel to
defer payment of its part until 2015.  But Bibi dutifully
expressed thanks with hand written letter. Disappoint-
ment with in the Chancellery running high as Bibi has
ignored Merkel's requests.      Israel settlement policy
continues unabated and yet progress has been made
on the Gaza sewage treatment plant. Then Israel also
released Palestinian tax money.   Merkel reached the
conclusion there's no point  pushing the euro agenda
further to Bibi since he's sure not to listen in any case.

But should the German government take this as cause
to halt sub production? That'll send Israel a signal that
German support comes with STRINGS,     but it would
amount to showing less solidarity &    that's something
Merkel doesn't want. Chancellor missed an opportunity
to use one of the few sources of leverage the German
government has at its disposal to     exercise influence
on a Israeli government, which behaves like occupying
power on some Palestinian territory.   Next submarine,
Tannin was launched May & delivered February 2012.

RAHAV Super Dolphin II Now On Oil Rig Patrol

Rahav Above followed year later in April 2013 with the
last in 2nd series of 3 Super Dolphins is called Dragon  
now to arrive late 2020,  which happens because of an
early build start date while awaiting IDF-Navy contract
negotiations in 2005.   New submarines are especially
important for Israel because they'll come equipped with
a technological revolution the AIP Fuel Cell propulsion
that allows the subs to work more quietly than ever for
longer times of extended under water missions. Earlier
Dolphin class subs had   surface every 7 days to start
the diesel engines to power up their batteries for con-
tinued underwater travel. We now have a new type of
propulsion system, which doesn't require the frequent
surface breaks  resulting in vastly improve submarine
capabilities.  They'll be able to travel underwater four
times as long as the previous Dolphins their fuel cells
allowing them to stay below the surface for over   30+
days at a time.  The Persian Gulf off the coast of Iran
is now no longer out of  operating range of the Israeli
sub fleet & all thanks to the   quality engineering from
Germany. In Haifa port the Tekumah's diesel engines 
have a distinctive low hum, just loud enough that you
carry on  normal conversation. But once at sea under
combat conditions when the sub is runing full combat
operation and all systems are functioning cleanly "you
can hear a pin drop."   The Tekumah can easily plow
through water at speeds over 25 knots,   a sleek and
powerful predator. But the real skill,  says the officer,
"comes in the low speed operations carried out near
enemy coasts where the Israeli Navy  works covertly
and where the Tekuma and the other   Dolphins can
approach their targets with great     care and moving
gracefully but stealthy below the sea as if on  tiptoes.

The naval officer sees his submarine as "One of the
places where Israel is being defended"  and his very
determined tone leaves no doubt   he will take what
ever action necessary if he considers his homeland
to be under attack. The Israeli Navy needed the last
3 of these nine German boats he says. He followed
the controversy over the Günter Grass poem & was
surprised by the intensity of the debate.    His family
originally came from Nazi Europe  his grandparents
managed escape before the Holocaust,  fleeing the
Munich suburb in 1934   and later becoming part of
Israel's founding generation.  "We can never forget
the past," he says, "but we can do everything to pre
-vent a new Holocaust." This naval officer will likely
be needed to serve onboard submarines   for some
time to come. In Israel, Berlin & Kiel,   are all talking
about the fact that the     Israelis have now ordered
the 7th 8th & 9th Super Dolphin 3's thus completing
an emerging strategic nuclear Wolf Pack.

Late Update; the Naval Service now has a buyer for
the original 3 Dolphins for almost a billion dollars in
Services, Products, Materials as well as cash. This
means that the nuclear capabilities and most of the
sophisticated electronics would be included.  You
can almost expect that at some not too far distant
future date ALL 9 Dolphins will be of AIP series with
even faster dash speeds, further non stop distances
and even much longer submerged periods.

Concept Type 800 Sub    Camouflage Paint Dolphin 

The 20 major Upgrades and Enhancements as follows:

1. New 7 blade designed super cavitating propeller for
    the most efficient now in use anywhere, which won't
    only NOT produce any bubbles but,  nor any sound.
    This also provides for higher dash speeds  & longer
    ranges than original German specifications.

2. 7 blade arrangement of  'X' rudder layout Dolphin II's

3.  Lowering the pair of dive planes from sail position to
     forward area of    hull for quicker performance when
     diving and surfacing.

4.  New generation of more efficient rechargeable long
     life submarine state-of-the-art batteries.

5.  Ten forward tubes to include the famous dedicated
     extra large SIX tubes to accommodate nuke tipped
     Popeye II 3000mile inter continental cruise missiles

6.  Under development & to be deployed a new TUBE
     launch IAI stealth UAV unmanned aerial vehicle

7.  AIP  (air independent propulsion)  that will make for
     conventional subs more like nuclear with stealth like
     operations for Weeks instead of just 1 week.

8.   AIP allows for silent running that is more quiet than
      even current nuclear submarine technology.

9.   State-of-the-art sophisticated communications and
      passive / active detections systems.

10. New techniques & systems that allows resupplying
      at sea without surfacing or returning to home port.

11.  Inclusion of submerged offensive attack systems
       against helicopters, aircraft and even drones.

12.  Passive Low Frequency Towed Array Sonar for 5
       different offensive / defensive systems:
       a, Decoy from other subs confusing the enemy.
       b. High pitch secure sensors for UHF comm links
       c. Listening devices for cell, TV, radio, & encrypted
       d. Torpedo, mine field detection, or self destructing
       e. Device to replicate making enemy think there are
           hundreds of subs attacking (swarming effect).

13.  Quarter space for Seal Team equipment launch 
       using a 'hydraulic' ram launcher system on tubes.
14.  Special 650mm tubes for launching seal teams
       but also retrieval of same all while submerged.

15.  Non metallic hull for stealthier operation thats
       non sonar detectable properties incorporated.
16.  Also from Lavi advance aircraft prototype secret
       project of stealth adoption of contour smoothing,
       irregular radar returns/false signature    illusions.

17.   2 breakthrough periscope designs will prevent
        above water line detection             Each with :

18.   a. Zoom capability, UAV Centric system link,  for
            BVR beyond visual rage or detection.

19.   b. Computer Centric Systems can take GPS and
            real time link with friendlies      (tanks, aircraft)

20.   Inclusion of Protector II & III  USV system to have
        Typhoon, Chain Gun, Spike guided missiles with
        both the    Fire & Forget or Fire & Update modes

Then there is the new optional Dolphin Adaption of a 
piggyback waterproof deck carrier for Protector 2 & 3

Arrival TANIN with PM Bibi     Tie Up Ceremonial Pier

Prime Minister Netanyahu at the Tanin arrival Sept 2014
above left and tie up of    Super Dolphin II at Ceremonial
Haifa Pier on the right.    This marks  start of the second
squadron   AIP equipped Super Dolphin II's entering INS
service. The Rahav followed November '15. The Dragon
will arrive ahead of schedule now set for late  2020  due
to more crew availability and hands on familiaration with
Super Dolphins in inventory and on patrol.  Each Dolphin
now has  TWO  complete crews for rotation and R & R.

Rafael Protector I USV        RCWS Spike Missile/Gun

The key date here is for the contract of the Second set
of 3 Super Dolphins of 2005 and the order just recently
for 3rd set of 3 not signed until 2012.  2005 was for the
Second set of 3 subs    and not some lame trumped up
media excuse of 6th Sub.  There followed an economic
wind fall of huge oil & gas reserves discovered    within
Israel's territorial waters   that now needed protecting &
defending in 2006. Note by 2006 talk of supposedly 6th
sub for a quoted  $1.8 Billion   (which is ridiculous for a
non nuclear powered sub)  because these half billion $
subs were always discounted by the    German govern-
ments to about $330 million a piece in Israel's case.

Therefore $1.8 billion    was referring to the last set of 3
subs.  Germany always recommended to all their export
customers buy submarines especially this sophisticated
Dolphin class in sets of 3;   one in port while the other 2
were operational. It should be pointed out here that any
Diesel-Electric  sub cost only a fraction of their big nuke
powered attack Virginia SSN-774 class US Navy ballistic
submarines @  1.3 Billion bucks each for the next 2020
delivery order of 30 subs.     Also we are talking 40,000
tons vs 2000 tons for Dolphin 2!  What really transpired
here was   3rd  Israeli order for last 3 subs were indeed
what was being debated   and finally took till early 2012
to resolve the financing,   Third set of 3 was included in
2006 accords but,    for later delivery with times of 2022,
2024 and 2026 so would be funded  by the new income
streams of fuel exports which came on line 2013. Mean
while back over at IDF-AF    a transition period was fast

IDF F-15I RA'AM Thunder    IDF F-16I SUFA Storm

approaching it's F-15I Ra'am (Thunder) air superiority
fighter and the F-16I Sufa (Storm) tactical interceptor,
both of which are more advanced than even what the
USAF has, was set to be over taken by the 1st sqdrn
of Stealth F-35's.  By 2006 the F-35 arrival was to be
2012.  The IAF air staff later in 2012 felt it could hold
it's own against any regional power,   pending arrival
of the next generation stealth  F-35I fighters in 2016
IF an interim fix could be found.   This would be more
of a match against Muslim brotherhoods forming now
in Egypt, Gaza, Lebanon or  Shiite Iran & new radical
Muslim military take over's in Syria and Turkey. Don't
be surprised once an ally or NATO member changes
with leaking of at least half dozen spy's names deep 
inside Iranian gov. who in 2013  immediately hunted
down, tortured & hanged all. Both Lebanon & Jordan
are facing daily challenges by     Muslim Brotherhood
and could be toppled at anytime. Now there are daily
estimates of over 200000 Syrian refugees wandering.
Now President Trump has fired a shot over the Turkish
bow with a dire economic consequence if they mess,
attack or interfere with our Kurdish allies in Syria !

Enter Israeli AF ADIR F-35I

IDF AF F-35-I ADIR Stealth Fighter Interceptor

First 50 F-35I's for the IAF are now  on the production
line out of 75 for  1st   3 squadrons that'll be assigned
to three different locations   around the country under
ground facilities at  Nevatim,  AFB Negev installations.

IOC Squadron Patch
IDF-AF F35I stealth each  @  $150 million dollars for  
IAF version  F-35I  with a unique electronics package.
However second batch was $110 million each,   third
batch 30-50 aircraft were $85 million.    3rd squadron  
aircraft 51 thru 75 @ $65 million per airframe in 2017. 
First pair arrived  December 14, 2016   at the new IAF
underground Nevatim AB outside Beersheba,  Negev. 
IDF-AF ADIR is first 5th generation stealth aircraft. The
squadron was operational with 10 a/c by Dec 2017.    

Adir Photo Album - Click Here

Above, first flight over Israel, 1st test flight, late
night arrival due to dangerous weather and 1st
week training begins on F-35 air to air refueling

First 13 Adir's will be USAF F-35A models then
the remaining 50 are indigenes  F-35I  versions
which will have the unique Spice missile system, 
ike $400,000 Elbit helmet, complete command 
and control suite, Rada self protection, Elisra all
aspect warning,  jamming,  kill system &  stealth =
jam proof ComLink; all Israeli unique IT systems

IAF ADIR JSF F-35I Elbit F-35 Training Center

A follow on order for additional 25 VTOL F-35BI
agreed to by  new Trump 2017 administration &
Def Secretary Mad Dog Mattis for 3rd squadron

F-35I's  Over The Gallilee

     PLEASE SEE BELOW  'RMA' added section !
Israeli Air Force strikes in the Sudan on  Iranian arms
dumps during 2012 & 2013  and air strikes on Syrian
chemical weapon depots      not being detected were
just prolog for    long range stealth penetrations plan
on Iran nuclear weapons facilities late winter of 2017.
In 2019 Sudan wants to re-establish diplomatic  ties
and even build an Embassy in Jerusalem! AMAZING!
That also means Sudan can be a remote 'sub base!'
Perhaps the most telling example of the IDF posture
had with Dolphin technology was secret underwater
attacks on   Latakia, Syrian naval installation amidst
a Russian naval flotilla off shore, by a single  Super
Popeye Turbo II SLBM that scored a direct hit on an
entire Syrian inventory of    50 Yakhont P-800 naval
attack missiles on July 5, 2013.  These Mach-2 anti
ship / oil platform   Russian 4 ton missiles are being
challenged in both the  Meko  corvettes & SAAR 85
mini corvettes with the new generation of   "C-HEL"

There's also a 2016 rumor that an upgraded platform
by Rafael developed to replace  INS nuclear SLCM's.
Ranges are 1,500 miles, 2,000 miles  & 2,500 miles!

OR "CHEMICAL" High Energy Laser
So, Questions of just how developed these IAI  new
Israeli cruise missiles from Rafael are now,   &  Iron
Beam series of 500 & 1,000kw  twin beam weapons
will be fielded on mobile trucks    and missile boats..  
If it weren't for the fact that Obama White House did
leak to CNN, then none would have known what all 
devastation & destruction was all about since Israel,
Russia, Turkey       and even Syria have denied any
knowledge about what happened...  NO comment ! 

Systems are mounted on small missile boats, also
Dolphin submarines, armor weapons and aircraft
to include IAF helicopters or MV-22 Osprey's.

Want proof Obama administration is worried Israel
might go it alone to take out Iranian nuke programs,,, 

Chairman Of US Joint Chiefs & Commanding General IDF Forces
12th Meeting In 2 Years General Martin Dempsey
on the Left     and RIGHT Raf Aluf Benny Grantz

IAF 5th Generation 1st Joint Strike Fighter

Adir Photo Album - Click Here

Israel has been known to cloak events, materials and
movements especially when it comes to Israel's small
country's survival,    seemingly against the rest of the
world's indifference.  The're 100's  reports some from
Israel's own military publications of a pair of AIP subs
negotiated during 2005  signed in 2006 for a delivery
early 2010. That Time-Line seemed very reasonable.
Then its announced in major Israeli newspapers that
BOTH subs had arrived early were in-country during
2009 & in the process of being fitted out with millions
of $   worth of the latest 'Israeli' military sophisticated
armament. These SIX Super Dolphins may Not have
been the expected Tannin, Rahav etc,   rather Karish
(Shark) & Hatrigon (Sting Ray).      It was also stated
around Christmas 2009 in Bahamaneh In The Camp
IDF military magazine Israel now had 5 Dolphin subs
total. Then there was an early 2012 launch of Super
Dolphin TANNIN which makes her 7th. Next in 2013
Super Dolphin  RAHAV  arrived making her the   8th
Dolphin. 2019 is the arrival of the 9th  Dolphin called
Dragon. That only leaves timing & last in the wolf pack
series - BARRACUDA remaining    but left in waiting
as to its status. 9 Dolphin class ballistic subs makes
for an awesome deterrent 'nuclear  wolf pack' and a
regional naval contender for sea supremacy.   Then
when you factor in nuclear war head inventory north
of 600,    many regional would be enemies may pay
terrible price for miscalculation & in retaliation.  Just 
how many of this arsenal is nuclear artillery, nuclear
mines both land, sea,    air to ground attack nuclear
weapons, nuclear torpedo cruise missiles & Jericho
III ICBM's has to keep some    potential adversaries
awake for months if not years.      'Walk Softly AND
Carry A Big Stick'  is the motto for the 2000 century.  
Rumors circulating is there's a rushed delivery date
for all     Wolf Pack Super Dolphins to be on station
and patrolling   those valuable oil and gas areas by
the time these fields come on line 2015  then reach
full production by 2019 which could change political
landscape if not the world at least the whole Middle
East  which seems in a constant political upheaval,
civil war & trampled human rights.  Not a very good

Israel Now Is An Oil Exporter ! 

Israel will now celebrate  Saturday 30 March 2013 as 1st
day they began self reliance for petroleum production for
all domestic needs    as well as a sizeable export market
which challenges     Russian Eastern Europe dominance
and Arab leverage among Asian   and Indian oil markets.

A Real Game Changer - Energy INDEPENDENCE

Enter SAAR 6   (VI)

4 New German OPV Corvette

Four German MEKO CSL F221 Stealth Corvettes were
under contract at end of 2015  to act as the new Israeli
Naval Service flagships of the Haifa & Ashdod fleets.  A
couple of names for two of these corvettes:   then try on
EXODUS & UNAFRAID for starters! Begin arriving 2019
2000 tons, 90 meters, 2X Typhoons, 76mm Otto Melara,
Sky Sniper ASM   and  Gabriel V Ultra Long Range SAM,
Barak 8 SAM, Iron Dome Naval,    MF-Star 3D SARadar.

IAI SkySniper Air to Surface   IAI Gabriel V 5th Generation

Below  2013  acceptance of first two of  9  new stretched 
'J' version of the Hercules transport that in the  IDF AF is
called Shimshon Samson which is programmed to replace
all existing 35yr old C-130's in inventory.      Coincidently
purchase number is 9, Just like the new Dolphin II fleet !

Fleet Of 9 C-130-J  Samson's  Osprey MV-22 Oil Rig Patrol Craft

Then Sec of Def Chuck Hagel (pic right), here
with Israeli counter part. Seen above left are
the first of 2 IAF C-130J's Israeli arrival, featuring an
all glass cockpit, hi tech props  & a 30 foot extended
cargo floor to more than double the lift of the older
C-130 aircraft.   The new Osprey's for IAF will also
features...        a stretched cargo bay as well.

From First IAF Osprey Shipment of Six

Why  this massive arms buildup going on?  Cause.
it's really amazing how Hezbollah, Hamas, PLO &
etc; are always knocking themselves out to prove
just how much of a terrorist they are:    Therefore... 
Stupid Does Not Seem To Know He Is So Stupid!
They Are Their Own Worst Enemy !

Finally Comes The German Stealth Corvettes
First they were Ordered, went on Hold, then were back
ON, then Off. You Following? OK, now ON once again,
back OFF and ON ? Wait, there's no money! Then late
in Oct. 2014    German Government OK'd the 30% INS
discount on all   4 MEKO CSL Stealth Corvettes  for the
new gas and oil EEZ fields off the  Haifa  - Jaffa coasts.
The 4 ships will be delivered by the year  2021   with all
state-of-the-art local Hi-Tech sophisticated EW systems.

Now Enter Israel Navy SAAR-85 Mini Corvettes
At over 50+ knots and 350' in length;   a very quick trip
around the horn   would be a most unpleasant surprise, 
you would think,   for any would be hostile enemy state
or neighbor wouldn't it?         So now we have this new
contender to contend with: ISL  Israel Naval Shipyards  
(more precisely Not the coast guard OPR variant)  but
a revolutionary new Israeli Mini Naval Stealth Corvette
version that is called...
Meaning 85 meters (± 300') length named after Israeli
popular naval  series of Surface Advanced Armament
and Reconnaissance (SAAR), warship is 85m (280 ft)
in length. Mini Corvettes high speed 50kt missile craft
to replace aging    10+ Reshev Saar 4 & 4.5 currently
in inventory for the past 30+ years.  SAAR 85 feature
vertical launch IAI Barak-8 SAM battery 32 launchers
mid ship, twin Typhoon RCW 30 cal guns, 1 Phalanx
point defense radar controlled Gatling gun,  anti-ship
torpedo's, DBW (directed beam weapons),   portable
missiles & ECM equipment.    All stealth with applied

SAAR 85 Locally Built 300' Israeli Navy Corvettes

slanted angled whole ship surfaces, finishes, recessed
exhausts, radar integrated mast     to disguise emitters
(EW, ECCM) and passive sensors (ESM, ECM).     We
Remember,   that Stealth does not mean invisibility but,  
loss of radar return / signature so as to avoid detection
& any vulnerability to enemy retaliation.     Includes the
IAI Elta EL/M 2258 ALPHA    multi purpose, multi mode,
multi mission phased planar array radar.  Latest Italian
OTTO Melara 76mm Super Rapid     14km range unman
radar directed main ship canon & all mounted in a new 
stealth designed cupola housing.

Dedicated Off Shore Oil Field EEZ Defender   

Dual hanger holds 2 gunship or SAR / UAV helicopters 
plus one more on the helio pad      --- OR---
a landing area for 1 IAF F-35BI VTOL Stealth Fighter.
Israel Shipyards will accomplish all the outfitting of the
necessary offensive  air  defensives radars clandestine
communication weapon kits, electronic warfare suites
& gear. They'll also outfit  ship's 50+ 20 crew quarters,
combat centers, storage lockers, operational & common
areas. Because of sophisticated weapon systems such
as the Barak 8, Gabriel V, Spike & Phalanx CIWS guns
this 1,000 ton corvette would be 1 of the  most deadly
warship acting as command and control  for each fleet. 
State-of-the-art radar by   Elta EL / M-2258 ALPHA  an
active array will give all these ships    a beyond horizon
capabilities in a radar centric system similar to     F-35I.  
Also a pair of Rafael TYPHOON remote unmanned gun
systems    would be part of the gun mix. 

Israel Shipyards will expand  and hire over   1200   new
permanent workers. Now Greece & Cyprus are already
on board politically for orders on this      SAAR-72 OPV 
configuration with   Israeli weapons   getting customers   
Much like ongoing AEW  (Airborne Electronic Warning) 
planes, whereby  IAI / Grumman G550 series   of aerial
surveillance &  warning aircraft, that are now considered
world class are an Israeli / USA   joint successful export
arrangement through US - DOD in Washington. That's
despite competition costing 4 - 5 times as much.  Even
Russia wanted to buy but got a US Veto just like China
did 5 years ago.  Seems Asia isn't too comfy with North
Korea's ICBM test,  especially since they're now armed
with nukes. Guess  no one is     remembering how well
UN & NATO did to prevent our North Korean/Pakistani
erstwhile friends from obtaining nuclear bombs despite
so-called unbearable iron clad  international sanctions.

Today most nuclear navies are assigning subs in 3's so 
1 is in port while other 2 are  deployed and with 3 Israeli
ports in question this 9 sub wolf pack fits quite well with
that model.  In addition to these Saar 85 Mini Corvettes
there's also a  SaarV class corvette attached to each of
3 ports   (INS Eilat 501,  INS Lahav 502, INS Hanit 503),
plus all the assorted   Dvora and Shaldag missile boats
along with the new Protector 2's seen below...

Stealth Protector 2 Unmanned Surface Vessel USV

Rafael and Israel Naval Staff are developing USV Hybrid
Above enlarging Protector from   9 meters to   11m   and
boosting speeds from  50mph to  60+ mph in sea state 3
waters.     They are adding Sea Spotter that has ground
breaking technology enabling    high reliability detection
any naval threat and itself remains totally stealthy while
emanating no radiation signature at all  to enemy forces
or their concomitant radars.    These will be assigned to
port daily operations but, combat duty off coast of Gaza
and deployable from Saar V, new SAAR-85 & C&C fleet
flag ships on order.

This, is why Polynoms take on   a strategic significance
with this many new & different size ships, vessels, subs
but now disguising arrivals and departures. Below using
INS naval technique    of mass drone USV's Swarming
formations of KATANA units now in Israeli Navy service.

USV Protector 3 by IAI Stealth Weapons Drone

OK,  One last poin it's been reported that Israel Ship
yards and I.N.S.  have begun water tests of an up till
now an undisclosed stealth     reshaped  Protector 3
naval intel / weapons drone that's impervious to both
Sonar and Radar.    Heavier weapons load has been
fitted including Spike,   30mm cannon, water cannon,
360 degree day/night sights and very low observable
in shape, color and dimensions.   Now the U.S. Navy
expressed interest in 2014     and is under going real
world trials but with HEL high energy lasers.      Very
soon all military branches     are going to incorporate
these   unlimited energy type   ammunition that have
Zero Costs,  just needing electricity, like the Dolphin
I & II's!  Unlike the RAFAEL built Protector series this
new Protector 3  is built and developed by IAI  (Israel
Aeronautics Industries)  & will be Exported under the
product name KATANA     Unmanned Stealth Vessel
use with national (EEZ)  Exclusive Economic Zones.


1 INS Dolphin   2  INS Leviathan  3  INS Tekuma

4 INS Tannin     5  INS Rahav        6  INS Dragon 
7 INS Hatrigon   8  INS Karish       9  INS Gal           

DOLPHIN CLASS - #1 #2 #3 #4 & #5
DAKAR     CLASS - #6 #7 #8 and  #9


GAME CHANGER - R. M. A. by Gideon Afek
As Israel contemplates the simmering neighborhood
that seems yet again, as volatile as ever, there is an
issue of great economic & military significance that's
cooking within the Israeli defense establishment. So
from time to time,  signs of it boil over into the public
discourse, usually following some media initiative. It
is not yet recognized,  but this is taking place in the
earliest stages of a Revolution in Military Affairs.

It regards Israel’s purchase of the F-35I Stealth JSF
Joint Strike Fighter.     This is newest generation of
Western fighter planes,   promising all sorts of vast
improvements & advantages,  amongst them, radar
evading “stealth” technology.   The F-35 is the last
word in Western aerospace technology & one may
go on and on      describing all its various bells and
whistles, which are cutting edge. F-35I Adir can be
equipped with a wide variety of systems,   many of
which are optional & customer specific.       These
systems influence      price of aircraft with Israel to
cost around $150 million per aircraft.

The aircraft is designed to replace several different
types of aircraft and the United States has the inten-
tion of buying over 2400 of them, with several other
countries invested heavily  in the development and
procurement. Program is said to be now running at
twice the original projected cost,    at $400+ billion,
according to the US GAO. It's also way overdue by
up to five years late & counting with numerous yet
unsolved technical problems.  Costs are not under
control and development  is still far from complete.
Despite this, aircraft has been put into production.
For many of those countries invested,   all of their
fighter eggs have been placed into one basket as
currently no other   Western “5th Generation” a/c
fighter now available or under development   with
the exception of Japans possible project. The US
had a viable alternative in the form of the      F-22
Raptor an extremely impressive aircraft so secret
that a law was passed forbidding its export to any
ally country.     It is superior in many performance
parameters to F35. Its production was terminated
after only 187 aircraft. Had it remained in low rate
production, the US would have had an alternative
to  F-35 that is in many ways superior,  at roughly
the same cost. President Obama killed  F-22 pgm
& in July 2009 threatened to Veto the entire F-35
project, if the F-22 wasn't cancelled. Final aircraft
rolled off the line in 2011.  F-35 is already to start
equipping training squadrons in  US even though
development has not been completed. Numerous
problems beset  aircraft,  mainly Helmet Mounted
Display System, bad software, maintenance costs
as well as variety of other unsolved snags.  Flight
test program far from complete & without a doubt,
issues will continue to arise as it progresses, thus
delaying operational readiness    and inflating the
spiraling price tag.   Israel’s involvement with this 
program is a story unto itself.   Israel refrain from
joining program as a Tier 1-2-3 partner,    mainly
due to the requirement to invest billions of dollars
in development    and thus forgoing any rights to
determine aircraft configurations,    integration of
local weapons or avionic systems or participation
in production. When officials in the IAF & defense
ministry woke up to this reality, they embarked on
a vociferous and loud campaign  to turn back the
wheel, but got in return critical local EW, state-of-
the-art weapons systems & co-production rights
with all wing assemblies. 811 sets in fact.    This
campaign was successful   and in an impressive
achievement, not only will unique Israeli systems
and weapons be integrated into the Israeli  F-35I
Adirs, but local industries will receive huge share
of the production of the planes. Cost is exorbitant
at almost $3 billion of  $14 billion defense budget
going to buy the first squadron of 20 planes. In all
countries that are planning    to order the aircraft,
debates rage as to whether the purchase should
go ahead, mainly due to the high cost. Countries
like Canada,      have reopened their new fighter
selection program, Netherlands has withdrawn its
commitment to buy   the F-35 and Italy has down
sized its order. Within Israel it is not clear to what
extent this debate exists as much of it occurred be
-hind closed doors, though several relevant news
articles have appeared in the press.  On the one
hand the aircraft is the most advanced in   world,
has stealth characteristics     and gives Israel an
unprecedented edge  that maybe only Turkey in
the region is foreseen to possess.    It'll be a key
component in    IAF during the initial days of any
conflict,      when the air defense systems of the
enemy need to be tackled first,   to allow any Air
Superiority be gained an then     Air Dominance.
The fact that the F-35I is part of the IAF order of
battle has enormous deterrent value. Even radar
technology is also developing and the full stealth
advantage is only expected to last unchallenged
for 5 to 10 years, after which the aircraft will rely
more and more on its electronic warfare    (EW)
systems for protection.    Aircraft is only stealthy
when its weapons are stored internally, allowing
for a very limited weapons load. When additional
weapons are carried externally stealth advantage
is lost &  aircraft carries some 5000 pounds less
ordnance than     veteran IAF version F-15I for a
much significantly shorter range. Combat radius
on internal fuel is given at 580nm,    while F-15I
does just under 800.    Some assert that the 4.5
generation”   Sukhoi Su-30 and Su-35 can over
come F-35s,  but that of course is unproven talk.
Currently no hostile Arab air force comes close
to challenging the IAF    even without the F-35I.
Saudi Arabia & Egypt   have large and modern
fleets of aircraft, but these are unlikely to meet
the IAF in battle. In any event the Israelis enjoy
a very large advantage in    abilities of their air
crews.   Looking at the cost of the aircraft, one
can only wonder  what future holds for the IAF.
According to foreign sources, the IAF has some
226 F-16C/D and F-16I aircraft and   25 F-15I’s.
These aircraft are multi role fighters, capable of
both air-to-air and air-to-ground missions,   just
like the F-35.  Oldest of these were acquired in
the 1980's &  will be due for replacement in the
next decade or so.    In addition there are some
150 older F-16's and F-15's  mainly used in the
air-to-air role &  these are some forty years old
and more.  If the IAF was to replace all of these
without reducing its numerical strength,    some
400 high performance jets must be bought, with
the only candidates being the F-35 and any un-
manned UAV stealthy drones.     Cost could be
astronomical but with the new giant   Oil & Gas
fields now coming  on line there is now funding
hope at the end of the tunnel. Obviously a much
different solution is needed. This is approaching
Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) coming in. A
RMA is defined by the US Army War College as
“a major change in    nature of warfare, brought
about by the innovative application   of new and
newer technologies that combined with dramatic
changes in military doctrine and operational and
organizational concepts,     fundamentally alters
the character and conduct of war.

The Revolution in Military Affairs consists of Four 
warfare areas: Information Warfare,   Dominating
Maneuver, Precision Strike & Space Warfare” In
this case we are specifically talking about field of
Precision Strike. In all probability, role of manned
strike aircraft will increasingly    be taken over by
Unmanned Aerial Systems  &  surface-to-surface
precision guided ordnance.   In very recent times
dramatic changes  have been taking place in the
field of precision guided artillery, rockets, mortars.
Artillery, rockets & mortars    have always been a
statistical weapon, that's, for a target to be struck,
a number of rounds now need to be fired, usually
involving a complicated series of time consuming
corrections until    required accuracy is achieved.
Now with the advent of GPS guided ammunition,
it is possible to strike an unobserved  target with
a single round. The components that can largely
replace manned strike aircraft,  are the rocket &
cruise missile. Hamas, Hezbollah,  ISIL Islamist
radicals have reverted to   use of cheap rockets,
as  result of their spectacular lack of success in
the operation of piloted aircraft and naval ships.
These have been    in the form of anything from
the crude Qassam rockets,   Scud & El-Hussein
ballistic missiles fired by Iraq in the '91 Gulf War.
Large ballistic missiles typically had an accuracy
(known as Circular Area of Probability CEP)  of
between 3000 to about 100m.     Just to demon-
strate where all this is heading,    Chinese have
recently adapted a ballistic missile to the role of
lethal aircraft carrier killing ordnance by coupling
it with a precision guidance system, in the form
of the DF-21 Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile. The ad-
vantages of such missiles are    that no aircrew
are endangered, they're relatively cheap. Their
disadvantages are that while a manned aircraft
can be used for thousands of sorties,  a rocket
can only be used - ONCE.      Therefore a very
large quantity   must be bought and maintained.
They're also vulnerable   before launch & when
in storage.    Rockets are largely dependent on
the GPS network which isn't controlled by Israel.
For full control, Israel would have to develop  &
launch several new technology  Tec - Star  sat-
ellites of its own.  Despite drawbacks, the case
is very strong.   Imagine with what ease Israelis
could strike at Iran with absolutely no risk to air
crew, when using ballistic missiles with conven-
tional two ton warheads and pinpoint accuracy
against hardened targets.  This would be more
effective than any manned strike,      as aircraft
typically don't carry such heavy warheads.  The
IDF can largely replace its manned strike aircraft
with a force of rockets    and ballistic missiles of
various sizes. This involves a large investment in
infrastructure as well as a significant   expansion
of the navy as a launch platform. The navy must
be exploited for this as tiny Israel doesn't possess
depth to adequately hide a large force of rockets &
missiles. Air to air mission will in all likelihood
remain partly a mission for manned aircraft together
with a force of Drones and  advanced surface to air
missiles. Close Air Support, EW reconnaissance
will probably move to UAV, leaving perhaps only
the various transport roles     to manned aircraft.
These changes are relevant to air forces world-
wide,   and as aircraft become unaffordable and
technology ripens, the era of manned air forces
is about to pass. This will be the next RMA and
it is closer than many believe.   Militaries are al-
most always deeply  conservative organizations
and often resist change. Israeli Air Force carries
immense prestige and political clout within the
defense establishment. It is unclear at what rate
the decision makers in the IAF will embrace such
change if at all & it is also unclear at what rate
will other defense establishment decision makers
accept such change.   Will it be very gradual and
therefore costly or will it be taken up quickly? Many
political and personal factors will be involved here
and therefore it is  very difficult to say. It basically
involves a massive     downsizing of the budget &
manned component of the IAF  and it is likely that
there will be great resistance to any such a devel-
opment.   The US military aid, spent in the United
States, for Israel will also be an obstacle.   It dulls
incentive of finding  a more cost effective solution
to the strike capabilities of the IDF.     They're also
those within  US military industrial complex who'll
not welcome reduction or cessation of this funding.
There's very little justification for buying more than
two squadrons of   F-35I's that is until the bad Iran
deal in July 2015,       with an offer of a bonus free
squadron plus funding of the Ospry & C-130J new
purchases. Indeed, only argument that many com-
ponents (mainly wing sets) are planned to be man-
ufactured in Israel and in order to “earn” this work,
numbers will be bought up. Bottom line is however
that the F-35   is too expensive to fully re-equip the
IAF & newer technologies offer drastically cheaper
and more effective solutions.    What is required in
order to lead this revolution with in  Israeli defense
establishment is a strong leader who'll be capable
of navigating the process while resisting    adverse
pressure both from     US mainly Lockheed Martin,
the government, possibly Boeing & the   Israeli Air
Force.  With some foresight & exploitation of tech-
nology,  it's possible to save the country billions &
billions of dollars    while not compromising any of
its military strength or deterrence.

Operation Samson 06/04/2012 from web page:


The Israel Navy just divulged all of
the secret upgrades to the original
3 Dolphin subs from the 1990's.

Refit Includes Fuel Increase + 2 new 650mm tubes

The Case For Israel To Build The
NextGen Ultra Dolphin IV Series In
Israel for The 2020's & Beyond

Digital Sonar devices developed by
Rafael improves all Dolphin I, II & III
submarines' detection and Fighting

Super Dolphin II Concept

Also a newer,  quieter,  longer range
and powerful Heavy Torpedo Kaved
has just been developed for the entire
Dolphin Wolf Pack fleet.


A new sonar system developed by the Israel navy
and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. signifi-
cantly improves the detection capabilities of Israel's
fleet of Dolphin submarines. Development of the
new sonar took three years, and it has been installed
on the navy's submarines for the past two years.

Another submarine, the INS Rahav, was added to
Israel's fleet at the beginning of the year, bringing its
total to five submarines. German company HDW
supplied the vessel. Sixth submarine is to arrive this
year in Israel. The submarine's cost is $350 million,
making it the most expensive single weapon in IDF.
Previous foreign reports said that these submarines
were capable of carrying missiles armed with nuclear
warheads, thereby providing Israel with second strike
capability, if and when it comes under a nuclear attack.

Up until two years ago, the navy's submarine missions
were based on the German sonar systems. Under cover
of strict secrecy, however, the navy described to Rafael
engineers its current needs, and asked for a new sonar
device capable of upgrading its submarines' detection &
fighting capabilities. "It all comes from need," Israel Navy
underwater combat systems section head Lt Colonel Tal
Schwartzmann explained to Globes. "We analyzed past
things that happened to us, and learned about cases in
which various vessels were in the vicinity of our subs,
which did not notice them in real time. Proximity of subs
to those vessels was discovered only in debriefings."

Eyes and ears

Sonar systems are a submarine's eyes and ears. Systems
are built to detect noise and voices coming from various
occurrences both above and below the surface, so that
the occurrences can be analyzed & turned into operational
information. Every submarine has sonar systems analysts
who have received lengthy and complex special training in
Israel Navy submarine courses. Another submariners' class
is graduating now on this new Sonar detection devices..

Constantly wearing their earphones, the sonarist job is to
monitor noises and translate them into information. At sea,
almost anything produces a unique noise. Sonarist connect
the sounds, which are sometimes quite irritating, to the type
of activity occurring nearby: trade ships' engines, dolphins,
unmanned vessels, warships, and even infrastructure laid on
the sea bottom. In a submarine, you cannot just hear a noise,
open a window, and see exactly what is going on outside.

The new sonar is operated on Dolphin submarines together
with the original sonar systems installed on them when they
were supplied to the navy by the German manufacturer. The
algorithms used in the sonar systems enable it to ignore many
of the noises that can disrupt the range of the systems' activity,
while detecting very distant noises, which the German sonar
systems are unable to do. The expanded ranges that the new
sonar systems provide to the Israeli subs are very significant,
compared with the coverage hitherto provided by the German
state-of-the-art sonar systems used by NATO teams. "Under
the conditions of a submarine in combat, there is no time. We
have a saying that whoever detects the threat first is the one to
attack and destroy the other side," Schwartzmann says. "The
new sonar increases our detection rate by up to 40%, thereby
enabling us to neutralize noises that interfere with subs work."

According to Schwartzmann, the new capabilities provided to
the Dolphin submarines by the Israeli sonar also include detec-
tion of vessels with a low noise signature. This means that with
the new sonar, even vessels equipped with advanced ultra quiet
engines will be detected very quickly by the sonarist monitoring
occurrences in the area in which their submarine is operating.
"In the case of vessels with a low noise signature, so we aren't
talking about trade ships, because parties engaging in trade do
not invest large amounts on lowering the noise signature emitted
by vessels equipped with advanced and up-to-date engines. We
are talking about other types of vessels. A submarine with the new
sonar will also detect another submarine first and start following it
long before the other submarine's crew realizes that it has been
detected, if it ever does," Schwartzmann concludes

Stark Differences Between AIP  Dolphin II
ABOVE & a Smaller Type 212 Seen Below

Handover Ceremony Above from 2000's 
of Smaller Type 212 Export with 'X' Tail

Super Dolphin II TANNIN with 7 Blade 'X' Rudder

INS Super Dolphin II DRAGON in sea trials
1st in New DAKAR Class for #6,#7,#8 & #9

Dolphin II Rahav Preparing for IOC Sea Trials
& Rare View of 4x 18" + 6x 26" Torpedo Tubes
4 Articulated Fins & 3 Standard non Moveable Fins

Type-212 AIP Series Cutaway w/Triple Deck Layout

Assembly hall for Dolphin I sub in the foreground

Export 212 prototype cutaway with Old 'T' style rudder
Israeli Navy SSN/SSK HybridSubs
             Nuclear Armed / Hunter Killer

Top Latest 3 Super Dolphin II's
Dolphin II with 7 blade rudder, 7 blade prop 
Below Original 3 Dolphin 1 Subs,
Smaller series 'X' rudder layout, 7 blade prop

TYPE 214 export version cut away schematic
Only 2 Floor Plan and no Nuke Weapons


Rare Look @ Dolphin I Series Weapons Bay 
Original Dolphin w/ 6x 530mm + 4x 650mm

10 Year $27 Million Complete Over-haul / Refit
For ALL 3 First generation Dolphin I series 
After Completion Now With 6 26" Over Sized Tubes

INS DOLPHIN Out On 2012 Patrol after Refit

Dolphin Class LEVIATHAN During Sea Trials  

Eilat & Dolphin Gulf Maneuvers   RIGHT  NLOS SAM       

Dolphin I series Prior to Official Launch

Here Massive Size of Super Dolphin II

Ooops! 7 Blade Propeller Unshrouded...

Another Ooops, Dolphin AIP Nuke Floor Plan...

Story of the Dakar 1968 is told @ link here...

Super Dolphin II AIP series  Dragon  fitted out
Showing   10 Tubes: 4x 530mm + 6x 650mm
Note, 10 Torpedo Tubes Not Air Brushed Out

Export 4 Blade X Rudder & Dolphin II 7 blade  


$100 Million Concealed Naval Base    View from South
According           to the IDF spokesman's office main
publication Bahamaneh    (In The Camp)     the new
Polynom project     is a huge state-of-the-art hanger
like structure that will house the new    Israeli Naval
Fleet including 3 nuclear armed subs Dolphin 1 & 2
at each of 3 different ports  (Haifa,  Eilat &  Ashdod)
along with other missile ships, SAAR 85, Meko CSL
F221 and SAAR V, Protector 2, 3 USV SAR assests,
depot facilities,   maintenance yards,   warehousing 
storage areas,  munitions bunkers, naval air assets,
replenishments & commando/MV-22 Osprey support
facilities.   This multi year $100+ million venture at 3
different port locations covering both the Med   and
Red Seas and to provide for the first time a two front
capability without regard to the Suez Canal  and the
Muslim brotherhood rise to power in  5 nations  and
counting,  surround 1 lone Jewish state in the world.
Stealth corvettes from      ISL stealthy German subs,
nuclear material from French production equipment
and SAAR V FMS warships   by Ingalls shipbuilders
La. American sources.      Below US Army Corps of
Engineers rendering of the     new Haifa naval base.  

Covered Naval War Ship Berths
These new facilities involve drying out over     130 
acres in the middle of Haifa and Ashdod ports as
well as starting a new Eilat naval facility at an un-
disclose location along the          Red Sea. China
recently won a tender for a dual rail line from Red
Sea to Med Sea      as a land bridge alternative to
the Suez Canal, rail   and a new Eilat commercial
shipping terminal as well as a new major 3rd naval
/ sub base.    One thing is for sure, you can bet the
three subs assigned to the Red Sea / Indian ocean
are all going to be the   new Super Dolphin II types.
Along with the   SAAR 85 CinC corvettes joined by
Eilat SAAR V class    along with a flotilla of missile
boats,    some of which have on board attack heli-
copter capabilities and unmanned Protector 2 and
3 INS-USV's   (unmanned surface vessels). 

Artist Concept of the New Haifa Container Port

Polynom Naval Project. Which puts undercover
the comings and goings of the   IDF Naval fleet
especially the ballistic nuclear armed sub Wolf
Pack.   It accommodates each of the 3 fleets in
their home ports & will house repair,  refitting  &
routine maintenance work on vessels. Air assets
are collocated at near-by airbases in bunkers. 

Possibility now exists that we will see very shortly
an Israeli V-22 Osprey off loading troops / cargo
onto Dolphin AIP class & even a folding wing F35B
VSTOL land & stored onto a new R&D Technion
developed Underwater Shelter that  ITSELF  will
open, unfold into landing pad.  Now Imagine that?

Egad, You Say 90mph Israeli Stealth... WHAT?