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  •    Low Cost Approach On How To     Build An EDIT BENCH Work Area     

      & How To Make Excellent Customer Media!    a step by step guide in putting

        together your own video/audio/computer work and editing area. Also a simple
       cost effective way in making customer disks razor sharp & with brilliant clear
        colors without spending $$$$ on more and more equipment.  A-men to THAT!

    This Is OUR IKEA 72" Long Computer Desk

    It is actually a desk for TWO. My Wife uses the left side and I use the right side. But it does not
           stop there for it does have two enormous drawers. Inside we both keep our heavy over size Sony
             Laptops with accessories, a/c adapter and computer papers & media. Amazing enough we also     
         both keep our Tablets inside the drawer all at the same time. One thing I should point out here is
          that although this desk is very wide it is extremely shallow,
    Only 18 INCHES deep. That was very
            important as we have a crowded area and a traditional 24" deep desk was not practical. We have
         very nice and comfortable chairs nearby that we use for both our kitchen eating table and swing
        around and use it for our computer chairs as well. The desk area now stays very neat, we have
        a great view out the glass patio sliding door & back yard garden area here in South Florida. We
    have our small kitchen LED TV and our combo printer, copier and scanner close by.

     My Sony is a BluRay 15" burner I use as my work station while my Netbook goes everywhere
         with me and same for my
    flight attendant wife. Wire, cord and cable management gives an over
           all uncluttered eye appeal and keeps me out of the dog house. I do heavy editing, disk burning     
         while she does lots of correspondence, job related bookings and scheduling. It's quite the busy
    job being an attendent going on flights carrying people to
    cheap Caribbean vacations or      
    booking people in
    hotels Orlando Florida.

          I realize that this is not a one shoe fits all
    world and we each have our own issues, priorities     
         and even personal proclivities that need to go into this kind of decision. I Hope this at least      
       gives many of you a window to what can be done, thought out and made practical by just      
     simply thinking sometimes outside the Box. That is what I did and it took me a very long       
         time to figure this all out and at the same time please my not so reasonable spouse WHICH    
                 is usually the case, especially when it comes to
    electronics, machinery and 'stuff' going inside        
    HER HOUSE...  Need I say more?  

    About Creating Media For Sale, Promotions and Give A-ways
      You can actually put video on a CD disk and sometimes that becomes a great  
           option when the item is given away or you are trying to save on over head cost.   
          There are times when store promotions feature Free after rebate 50, 100 or even
      200 disks. Also there are Free after rebate 50, 100 or 200 disk plastic cases. I
      have also seen shipping padded mailers for disks just pennies when bought in
          bundles of 100 or 200. I have even gotten promotions for blank DVD's as well.
             I have seen BlueRay blanks for well under a dollar and now under 75 cents at      
      SuperMedia dot com. Color copies at UPS stores under a dollar. All of this   
          from just watching the Sunday newspaper ads and web promotions. My all in    
    one copier mentioned above also prints color images and pictures for labels
       on any disk which look especially good if you get 'Hub Printable' blank disks.

         We are talking a lot of money that can be made easily at home and advertized
             for free to over a Billion people all over the globe in color, with sound and just
          a little imagination 24/7/365.   Money never rests & neither should you.

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