B-2 USAF MusicHere     Black Bombers
   Say Hello To The World's First Stealth Bomber
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    Here's The Patriotic 'Spirit of America' USAF Edition   


        Thirsty B-2 Spirit & Stealth F-117's Awaiting A Fill Up

Flying Gas Station Here Seen From The KC-10 Refueler

Images From One Of The Two Stealth F-117 Fighters

Rare Point Of View Of Our KC-10 Flying Gas Station
     F-117's Escorting B-2 Bombers Back To Whiteman AFB


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       Final Prep At Whiteman AFB, Missouri For Stand-By


      On 24/7 Stand-By Now Waiting Combat Orders of the Day


          ALERT, Stealth Crews Scramble To Man Their War Ships
        Stealth Bombers Complete Check List & Engine Run Up 
         Windowless B-2's File Out Of Staging Area For Runway
         Seconds Count As Pair Of Black Bombers Taxi For Departure
     B-2's Take Off From Home Base At Whiteman AFB
Lift Off On A Daytime Rendezvous With Destiny 
Or An Evening Departure For Around the World Engagement

           'Spirit Of America' Climbs Out Over Whiteman AFB B-2 Home
Topping Off All Fuel Tanks Provides 8,000 Mile Range

     High Over The North American Rocky Mountains


        Stealth Force Trio Formation of B-2 Spirit & F-22 Raptor's


         Your B-2 Close Up Is Ready Mr. DeMille


         Once A Very Classified Instrument Panel Of A Nuke Bomber
      Rare Image Of Stealth Hyper Drive Being Engaged

        Spirit Springs Forward From A Ball Of Engine Vapor
           Now Stealth Fleet Super Cruising Toward Enemy Targets

      These Global Strikes Could Last All Night Long
     Black Flying Wings Silently Slipping Undetected Overhead
              Soaring 45,000 Feet Escaping Any Enemy Radar Detection
    Most Missions Are At Night, Bad Weather & Very Monotonous
Silently Nearing Our Target Tonight's Country

Final Aircraft Calibrations Set For Combat Bomb Run
       It's Now Downward To Get On The Deck For Air Strikes
ENEMY: You Can Run, But You Can Not Hide!
Like Birds Of Prey Circling An Unsuspecting Adversary

        B2 Capable Of Extreme Low Level Surprise Attacks

      A Few Conventional Non Nukes On Their Way Downstairs
         Then Time To Strike Out On Targets Of Opportunity

         Secondary Enemy Locations Are Found & Targeted
       Secondary Targets Acquired And Eliminated

Everything Here Is Reduced To Dust & Ruble
Time To Bug Out & Head For Home

                    Just Another Day, Another Dollar & Another Aircrew TCB           

One Last Fuel Stop For Home
    After Refueling Is Complete Return Trip Is On Auto Pilot
America, Here We Come On Wings Of Eagles
     Final Vapor Burst Of Speed Over The California Coast


Blasting Past Edwards AFB On Homeward Route
   Returning B-2 Spirit @ Groom Lake With Black Widow II YF-23

    All Is Well That Ends Well
Spirit On Final After A 'Knights' Work
Touch Down After A Long Night's Journey

   Above, Back On Night Vigil Awaiting Next Assignment
    Ready For Redeployment With Aurora Borealis Overhead

   An Aircraft Like None Other... Past, Present Or Future

  And Only Over a Billion $ A Copy !

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