Finally We Got Everyone Together At The Same Time

Wink'n, Blink'n & Ms Nod

Valentines 2011        Just Molly & Me & Baby Makes 3

We Are Now Water Safe Thanks to
Grand mom and Grand pop

Dangerous Ninja Warrior On The Warpath

Ninja Warrior At Flight Controls On Final

New Mom and Baby at the Pool

Mom and Daughter at the Bar B Q

All My Happy Grand Children 2011
(It was Like Herding Cats Folks!)

Image Before Restoration

Colonel, sister Linda Jean, Sgt Chuck, Nancy and son DKL

Image After Restoration

RESTORED faded image from 40 years ago.   Here I'm with my Dana Delaney look alike

Image Before Retouching

Look Closely At Nancy's Face, Not My Adorable Boys

Image After Retouching

Blemish REMOVED. Nice shoes & hair Chuck! Wife & boys have same hair cut? You're only young once eh?


 2012 Happy Holidays!

An Unbelievable Audio & Video Display!


and Again


You Can See All The Music here...

CELINE power point slide show


Armed Forces Tribute   I AM ALIVE   
         ARTIST:  Celine Marie Claudette Dion, QUEBECKER       
             Slides Will Auto Advance     



I just drift away

            I'm glad that I'm alive       


I couldn't get much higher

When you call on me
When you call on me

That I'll be the one standing by

Through good and through trying times

When you reach for me
When you reach for me

 I just drift away

All my worries die

This Video Clip Shows BOTH USMC F-35B Prototypes on Carrier deck
when suddenly A Computer Glitch Flips the F-35 Completely up ended

Above the 20 second video clip of a stop action
scene. This is a proto-type of the first USMC stealth
aircraft and it was performing it's very first carrier take
off VERTICALLY, only the computer had a glitch and
over rotated the aircraft over on top of itself until it was
pointed straight back down at the carrier deck facing
certain destruction,  but the computer (unafraid) kept on
working and fired the afterburner (
!) causing the plane
to miraculously right itself and then stabilized and
fly off into the distance over the other F-35B. A 70
million dollar aircraft was saved along with its pilot !

This image shows the exact moment the plane was
saved from self destruction and 250 million dollars  
damaged avoided to a nuclear aircraft carrier...

The End


CELINE Lyrics I'm Alive

      Each line represent one picture unless there is a double bar
for chorus, then it is for one image containing both lines.

Slide Number              Brief Song Lyrics            Image description            
     #1                      humming                      Earth Rise                                         

MUSIC: Armed Forces Tribute I AM ALIVE   
           ARTIST:  Celine Marie Claudette Dion, QUEBECKER    
             Slides Will Auto Advance

#1                  Mmmmmmmm,                   Earth Rise        

    #1                  mmmmmmmm,                   Earth Rise               

           #2                  I get wings to fly               22 plane F14 Formation

             #3                  Oh, oh, I'm alive             F18 against full moon        
#4                            ...             F16 escorting 777       

                   #5                          Yeah                       SR71 winter mountains          
 #6                               ...            F15 flying solo   
#7                    ...                         F22 flying solo     

#8                When you call on me        T-Birds mirror image

#9               When I hear you breathe        USAF - One    

#10                 I get wings to fly                 F14 Vapor cloud 

#11                  I feel that I'm alive               F18 vapor cloud  
#12                  When you look at me             F35B cruise     

     #13                  I can touch the sky               F18 cloud trailing

      #14                    I know that I'm alive               Cockpit close up

    #15                              Mmm,                         F14 high G turn

   #16                            oooooh,                       F15 steep take off

#17                                ahh                         F16 with lightning

#18                   When you bless the day         SR71 take off

#19                      I just drift away                     F22 vapor cloud

#20                     All my worries die                 F16 after burner
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              #21                  I'm glad that I'm alive             F15 missing wing    
         #22                                  ...                   B2 into the sunset

#23            You've set my heart on fire         C17 deploying chaff

#24                    Filled me with love             Blue Angels echelon

#25                    Made me a woman                Triple         
                          On clouds above                          

             #26          yeah, I couldn't get much higher        SR71 against sun

#27                 My spirit takes flight         Golden Knights
                                         SIGN ALIVE                
Flag, jumpers & plane

                  #28                        OOOOOOh           Helicopter against explosion   
  #29                 When you call on me                     F14      
                             When you call on me             
vapor cloud

 #30                When I hear you breathe           Fat Albert
                                When I hear you breathe           
night take off

 #31                    I get wings to fly               B17 and B24
                                   I feel that I'm alive     
          close crossing
       I am alive

#32                   When you reach for me        T-Bird       
                                      When you reach for me           6 plane formation

   #33                  Raising spirits high                C5 Landing

        #34                 God knows that                Coast Guard C130

#35         That I'll be the one standing by       B2 & KC10

        #36  Through good and through trying times   C130 dust up

           #37             And it's only begun                  F22 First Roll Out

        #38         I can't wait for the rest of my life    NATO F16 T.O.

     #39              When you call on me               Huey Cobras
                                      When you call on me                    
Sunrise mission

            #40          When you reach for me                 'Top Gun' carrier
                               When you reach for me                 
insane fly-by

            #41              I get wings to fly, aah            Euro F16 climb out

     #42                       I feel that, oh                Tight F14 turn

                #43               When you bless                     B2 bomber refueled
                     When you blessed, you bless the day       
by KC10

        #44                  I just drift away                  SR-71 high over
                               I just drift away                     
cloudy ocean

              #45                      All my worries die               B-2 America        

           #46          I know that I'm alive, yeah        T-Bird after burner  

         #47                I get wings to fly                 6   T-Birds taxing

           #48           God knows                               Int. Space station

         #49                            that I'm alive                   Space walk

                     THE END                        Eagle and Flag          

       #51                  Audio / Video clip                F35B miracle

     #52                   Memoriam Tribute              Last Slide    



Here You Go Sean...

Can we trim away the WHITE background area above?


U.S. ARMY  I Like The above over the below
if we can sharpen and darken the background Sean


Below  U.S. NAVY



U. S. AIR FORCE   below



This Program Is Dedicated To The Memory Of:

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Jeffery JEFF Michael BEARDEN
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