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 מידע ותמונות רבות על טנק המרכבה                                                           


 BAZ? Comparisons
  1995 MkIII
BAZ Series FCS Knight Mk3 (KM3) 
  1999 MkIV
BAZ Aleph Series (KM4) plus ASPRO-C
  2007 MkIV
BAZ Bet Series (KM4) plus ASPRO-A

   The IDF has always been a quick learner. When systems fail or
   under perform, they are replaced and discarded. When they work
   they are expanded upon, improved but also they are adopted for
   the entire
Merk line Past, Present and Future of that Mk. series.

   A good example was the close quarter fighting in built-up areas
   of congested Gaza which led to the modifications from lessons
   learned to an LIC version of the Merkava MBT as well as other
   combat vehicles mostly for their crew's protection. Belly armor
   addressed IED's also Laser R-OWS to melt them. LED tip corner
   marking poles to navigate urban areas. Increased mortar range to
   counter anti-tank missile teams. On board UAV's for over the
   horizon visibility and laser targeting. New light weight armor
   superior to last century's Chobham types on new
BAZ models.

   With the adoption of the stabilized on the move of the new main
   gun and its concomitant technology a sharpshooting system has
   evolved from ELBIT to actually take on Gun Ship enemy Hind
   Soviet helicopters. The first generation was the Knights Mark3
   system on the 1995 edition of the 1989 Merkava MkIII which 
   was awarded the suffix BAZ or Hawk for this sharpshooting skill
   the tank now had.

   An improve system was refined, developed and incorporated into
   the new 1999 announced version Merkava Mk IV called the 
   Knights Mk4 which went beyond just hovering and slow moving
   helicopters to fast moving attacking gun ships and even battlefield
   aircraft are now victims of this high precision aiming system ALL
   with the name
BAZ. In fact according to Mantak any tank getting
   this Knights Mk4 system earns the moniker
BAZ for sharpshooting
   enhanced capabilities. ELBIT says their product is even advertised
   in this manner throughout the world for years now through SIBAT.

   At the same time this sharpshooting system was being developed
   and fielded... also showing up was the 1991 IMI system for a new
   self protection system that created a dome of anti missile protection
   surrounding the combat vehicle. Due to lagging technology, lack of
   progress and enormous R&D expense IMI sold the system concept
   and program to RAFAEL to include many of the associated technical
   personnel around 1993. Improvements and technology break throughs
   had progressed so far by the end of the decade that it was to be
   incorporated on the next generation Merkava's for the 2000 decade.

   However, at least two glitches were to prevent this radical new
   technology from being incorporated and even ordered. One was
   ForF (Friend or Foe) where the system would have to interpret
   if a projectile was incoming enemy or outgoing friendly fire and
   thus NOT intercept the out going rounds and missiles. The second
   was simple economics, it would cost as much as the major single
   part of any MBT... the power-pack system. Thus it was considered
   to be cost prohibited and since there was no on going battles in
   1999 when the Mark IV was ordered into production and hence no
   one dying in IDF tanks... it was 'postponed' or referred to committee.

   One could argue that 2006 was the darkest hour of the future of
   the Merkava whole 40 year program, but like so many other times
   your favorite enemy can always be counted on to rescue
defeat from
   the jaws of
victory. Iran, through their proxies Fatah, Hamas and in
   this case Lebanese Hizboallah decided to ambush a border fence AM
   patrol, kill a squad of troops, blow-up their vehicles and kidnapped
   two of the remaining injured and before returning them via the Red
   Cross, murder both of them in a torture chamber.
SEE, Nice peaceful
   neighbors on that Northern border
!  In one day the brilliant military
   hezboallah tactician Nasrallah changed a four year plan of closing
   down the entire Merkava tank production line & import the Egyptain
   Abrams M1 kits since the Abrams tank has not been built in the USA
   for years now, in the hopes (& dreams) of getting a new MBT. BTW,
   that new MBT is in the ash heap of failed, cancelled and rejected
   military projects like Aquilla, Palladin, SDI, Comanche, DDX & FCS. 

   Many military analyst have opined that so radical the Mk IV changes
   and extraordinary improved capabilities that the Merkava Mk IV
   is more deserving of a new series name: The Merkava MkV
BAZ. Now
   we hear in 2010 the new
For Sale edition Mk 4 at the July Eurosatory
   might be given the 'Mk V'
export designation.  I Don't Think So People

   The IDF in 2010 is in the middle of a platform series wide improvement
   program from 2007 reaching in to 2012, to upgrade all the existing
   Aleph or First Generation Merkava Mk IV's built from 1999 through the
   2006 series or about 400 units to perform to the new
BAZ standards for
   accuracy and protection systems with the Trophy (now called ASPRO)
   system modification. These can be readily discerned by the remaining
   chains still left hanging from the rear turret shot gap. The actual Trophy 
   is placed on top of an existing turret as can be seen below... OK, here
   is a whole plethora of
Merkava IV Aleph BAZ images from Eurosatory:

   Eurosatory Israeli Pavilion Opened With IDF Forces
In Native English

 Hear Enlisted Tankers & Commanding Officers in a Tactical Briefing
     Many Of Which Have Attended
Military Friendly Colleges.
    Merk IV Aleph BAZ Was Just Off Tel HaShomer IDF Workshops Refurbished Production Line,  
    Like The ALEPH In The Name Implies
, These Are From Pre Existing 1999-2006 Issued Tanks

     Click Image Below For Video Of The Eurosatory 2010 English Presentation of Merkava BAZ

     Merkava IV Aleph BAZ at Eurosatory Israel Pavilion July 2010 Looking Cool In Mint Condition   
     Close Up Of The Mrk Business End & The 4 LIC Marking Poles Used in MOUNT Urban Conflicts
     Approach To Israeli Pavilion With Now For Sale Merkava Mk 4 BAZ Aleph (for Some Markets)

    Trophy (Left), BMS Sensor Panel, Cmdr Optics (Ctr), LIC 7.62mm In Line M-Gun 
     Full Size, Fully Armed and Fully Accessorized Merkava 4 BAZ Aleph On First Public Display
     Merkava Mk IV BAZ Aleph As Seen From The Audience Area Of The Pavilion Display 
     Good view of ballistic mesh that covers exposed ports, optics and here exhaust. Current turret top arrangement
     Rare Rear Quadrant View Of Trophy Installation On The Merkava Mk IV BAZ Aleph

Extreme Close Up Of Merk IV Co-Axial 50 cal Machine Gun
     Merkava Back-Up IMI 7.62mm Remote Control Firing and Aiming Heavy Machine Gun   
     Above latest version of the textured non-slip Merkava surface that works in any weather and temperature 

Good Detail Of Merkava IV BAZ Improved 120mm Smooth Bore Main Canon Over Merk Mk III 

Detail Close Up Of Merk IV Road Wheel Bogy Assembly With Improved Quiet Treads

Image Shows To Good Advantage Right Forward Facing Elta Sensor & Smoke Dischargers

      Extreme Close Up Of New 2007 Redesigned Elta WindGuard 2133 Bullet Proof Right Forward Facing Sensor   

Protective Housing Of The Trophy Anti Missile Gun Assembly

    Good Detail Left Rear Quadrant ASPRO-C With New Redesigned
ELTA Windguard 2133 Rear Facing Sensor

We Got A Lot Of Excellent Images Of This Once Highly Classified Project That Dates To 1991

Here You See The Shulamit Hair Chains That Remain On The 1999-2006 Merk 4 BAZ Aleph  
     Close Up of BMS (Battle Management computer System) Sensor Pkge (1 of 4) on BAZ Tanks 
     Well, That Should Just About Take Care Of Pictures For Merkava Siman Arba Aleph BAZ... !

   Merkava Mk IV
BAZ from the 2007 to 2012 production assembly
   line showing the 'integrated' construction of ASPRO-A on a newly
   reshaped turret eliminating the shot trap and need for the hanging
   chains on the rear turret basket can be seen clearly below...
   Merkava MkIV
BAZ Bet 2007 - 2012 Tefen IDF Budget Plan
Right now the final assembly line is going full bore with FOUR
   full production lines at Tel ha Shomer Plant 5100. One line for
   the definitive Mark 4
BAZ Bet directly above. One line with the
   upgrade program for the 400 unit Merks built from 1999 - 2006  
   (Mark 4
BAZ Aleph add-on program). One for the new Merkava
   Mark 4 APC (Armor Personel Carrier) Namer Program. Finally
   the fourth line is an amalgam of repairing, mid life up-grading,
   Export contracts, Duby program and other classified work to
the Mark V proto type construction and R&D work.

   Coming very soon here  a whole inventory of images of the Two
   Merkava 4 programs showing not only the
BAZ sharpshooting
   accessories and Trophy attachments but a whole host of other
   improvements, attachments & systems both exterior and interior!

   Coming Soon Here Will Be More In Depth Pro-detailed
   Model Of the
Merkava Mark IV BAZ with Trophy APS,  
Interior Layout of Forward Command Post and the
BAZ Tankbulance Versions!


   We will also have Both scale 1/35th precision models of the
   Merkava MkIV Aleph
BAZ and the Merkava MkIV BAZ Bet
  1/35th Scale Precision Hobby Models

Academy 1/35th  and Legend 1/35th
     Coming Below Merkava Mk IV
BAZ FCS & Trophy APS with Clear Protection Dome


    Academy #13213     Can be found on Ebay $19.99,     USA Retail is... $30+ - $40+
   Click Above for Close-Up Peek at Contents & Professional Modeler's Feedback 

   Traditional image of Merkava Mk IV A series 1999 - 2006 version. Notice the above
   image with 'Shulamit's Hair' of chains to pre-detonate RPG's / Tandem Warheads
    Please Note that above Mk IV does not have chains protecting shot trap. However, when building 2007 - 2012
    BAZ versions, there is No shot trap, hence NO need to add on the 'Shulamit Hair' chains with spheres, FYI.

   The actual shape of the turret both Top & Bottom halfs has been radically changed.
   64 sets of Merk ATGW deflectors, place to avoid shot trap on 1999-2006 model
   Left side detail of Merkava Mk IV series above with all the 'Brass' fixtures in
   place while below model it is still missing.
The conversion of this model to the
   2007 to 2012
'BAZ' edition of the Merkava Mark 4 series is here late 2009...

   Also note that above & below 2007 addition of ballistic mesh for ports is missing
   Engine exhaust vent side of above Merk IV series is shown here, right quadrant
   Below model is shown with rear hatch double door closed but CAN, with some
   difficulty be displayed with hatch open & interior layout complete for 8 troops

   Traditional view of back door quadrant of original 1999 - 2006 Merk IV series
   Same view but without many of the 'brass' accessories attached yet installed. 

   Rear dual 'crew baskets' shown above empty for LIC & MOUNT warfare
   Excellent detail of the 'Shulament's Hair' ball & chain shot trap RPG blocker 

   Close up of 'Photo-Etched' plastic surfaces for enhanced details both above and
   in the image below details are very apparent in this Merkava IV Aleph 1999-07 
   Another 2007 addition found on earlier Marks, end of 120mm aiming block also
   still missing from all vulnerable optics and sensitive electronics is ballistic mesh

Legend 1/35th  
   Merkava Walk-Around For Precision Scale Modeling 1/35th LEGEND of Korea
      LEGEND of Korea 1/35th Precision Scale Model of Aug 07, 1999-2006
Merkava Mk IV A Resin Kit (Advance $200 Modeler) 
     Click for Walk Around

     Compare 2008 Legend of Korea Resin kit of the Merkava Mk IV Up-Grade Model with new side skirts, observer hatch, mesh covers 
     Many of the issues and complaints from modeler's feed back have been incorporated in this new kit. The rough textured surface
     however, is still missing. Also in this image can be seen for the first time the aiming triangle block on the end of the 120mm main gun
     barrel and the new motor vent atop the rear Pantiers.

   In this 'reverse' angle above the hidden 60mm mortar hatch can be found a lot easier if one looks.... very berry carefully! Exhaust side
   port mesh covered here.

   LIC (urban warfare) improved Up-Grade model (based on 2007 IDF version) can be seen here like the removable Belly Armor Pack,
   mesh lights & new FCS
Also above is Remote overhead heavy MG weapons station which you can see at "New Merkava IV Video"
   at the Video Matrix top of the home page HERE

   Above thicker improved
Full Length side skirts on the resin model can be seen as well as better rubberized tractor treads.     Called the
   Merkava Mk IV A D
This is the Latest design change to the ballistic 'bazooka' side skirts with NO imbedded grills, rubber
   trim or edging
; offering maximum protection.

   New Merkava Mark IV A of 2008 'ACADEMY of Korea' 1/35th scale precision about $39 USA
November 2008 World Wide model number #9413213  that is pattern after the Latrun museum
   Mark IV seen being installed below during it's arrival and initial set up by the MANTAK crews:

   This early Merkava Mk. IV A above is being unloaded from it's Prime Mover. Notice scalloped
   thinner ballistic bazooka side skirts plates with slats, black rubber trim flaps NOT found on the
   newer 2008
Merkava Mk IV BAZ series seen below? Very hard to find these shots prior  2008. 

   Prime Mover for Merkava Mk IV's is here at it's morning arrival at the Latrun Armor Museum
   near Jerusalem corridor. Grills on the skirts & gaps were for keeping desert sands from clogging. 

   One Heavy Lifter lifting Merkava @ 65 Tons soaking wet... or something like that... into place.

   Here the Latrun Merkava Mark IV is swung into it's final resting place by a crane... Going Up!
   You can see here the older styled 'scalloped' ballistic armor side skirts & rear slats for example?

   Hopefully the Academy 1/35th precision scale plastic model will be a lot easier & much cheaper
   than the
$200 resin Legend model. Estimated Academy 1/35th 2008 Holiday price is about $35.

 MERKAVA Mk IV Extreme
  Left Rear Quadrant (Notice no scalloped skirts and now shown with rubber     lower sections?)

   Forward Left Side Quadrant (120mm barrel Dust 'booty' in place without aiming block)

   Left Side Quadrant (Please note there is no ROWS 50 cal machine gun over the main gun!)

   Right Side Turret Quadrant  (Clearly seen here is Trophy II Lite sensor holding plate)

   Right Quadrant Merkava Mk IV (Excellent cmdr's machine gun detailed)

     More To Come...

   Merkava IV BAZ, Merkava Mark IV BAZ, Merkava MkIV BAZ, Merkava Mk IV B
   Merkava IV BAZ LIC, Merkava Mark IV BAZ MOUNT, Merkava Mk IVB LIC
 El Tanque Merkava Siman Arba BAZ
      (Chariot MBT Mk 4

Shalom L'hitra'ot  שלום להתראות