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Below Japan JSF Roll Out

With Taiko Drums Ceremony

Lockheed-Martin Agreed to a

Feb 2017

President Trump got LM to reduce
price for
each  F-35A   from almost
$150 million to $80 million   Except
in the case of Israel which gets their 
 F-35I's for only  $69 million because 
they buy their's Stripped.  They put
their own very sophisticated cockpit
electronics in, that's not only unique
but,  superior in capability, quality
and world class.   Take for instance
their Elbit 360
helmet that can see
through the airplane frame & costs
over $400,000 each.  NOW all F-35
countries must use this   one model
and  one-of-a-kind custom Helmet

Also   there is a dedicated on board
self protection  &  defensive system
that's locally developed and unique
stealth design. C4I communication
gear along wth new state-of-the-art
carbon fiber wing sets that will go
into ALL F-35's in the world

 5 Ship F-35I Adir Formation

 Over Haifa April 2017 !
Rehearsing For Independence Day National
Celebrations On May 1

First 4K Video F-35 JSF A & B Model

3 of 5 F-35s Arriving Just Days Before
Celebrating 2017 Independence Day

Newest F-35s On Rainy Nevatim AB Tarmac

4 of 5 IDF-AF Adir's Rehearsing For Fly By

Here Adir F-35AI JSF SAM Jamming

  IAF Has 9 F-35's announced @ 2017 Paris AS

F-35 Ceremonial Salute To Biblical History


JSF F-35I Stats

First Construction 2015

IAI F-35 Wings on F.W. Assembly Line

Coming Off F.W. Assembly Line


Second Of First Pair Dec 2015


Israel receives Two Adir's  at a time.
US based trainers were handed over
on June 2016 at Hill AFB to IAF,  
First Israeli deliveries  Dec 2016  and
will culminate in 1st squadron by the
the end of 2017

June 2016 at Hill AFB Adir's

arrive from Fort Worth factory

Behind Scenes Stealth Fighter

The total   IAF F-35I Adir series will
be four squadrons of  100   aircraft .
First two squadrons of  25  each will
be @ Nevatim Air base, followed by
The 3rd squadron of    25   F-35BI's 
and a final squadron of  25 F-35CI.
All 4 squadrons are @   3 Air Bases

The IAF currently flies 27 F-15I 'Ra'am'
Ultra Long Range Strike Eagles & since
those pilots are the most experienced &
advanced trained in air combat.   These
pilots are the first to be promoted to the
new IAF Stealth JSF F-35AI ADIR.

Above one of the IAF 102 F-16I 'SUFA'
aircraft as its   second   high-end strike
fighter/interceptor that will  also begin
its pilots to transition to the new  Adir. 
Then phasing in & out of  72 F-15 A-D
Strike Eagles and 224 F-16 A-D Sufa's

with 4 squadrons of new 100 F-35I's is
going 2017 to promote over 200 pilots

Top: F-16I Bottom F-15I

F-15I Silent Eagle Story

 Aircraft #901 Below

December 14, 2016 Israel Arrival

Here Aircraft #902

Second of Firt Pair Arrival

Official Arrival Ceremonies 

Pair @ Hill AFB + Nevatim ABai

1st Ha'Adir Pair In Training

First 8 A/C In Country by 2017

ADIR On Final Approach


 Combat F-35 Engagement

Click Link Above For Video Clip

Ground Crews Begin Training

Fast Turn Arounds Practice

Quality Controls

QC Now Begins

Crew Familarization

Marshalling, Parking

Pilot Aircraft Checks

Alert Adir's Scramble

26 IAF Pilots Go

From F-16I Sufa to F-35I Adir

Night Missions

First ADIR Pair lands at Dusk

On Station 24/7/365

Anyone Who Dares - WILL Loose!

Alert Aircraft On Duty



Vector Scrambling

Video Below

IDF Adir IS Unique
Because  of  all  countries
only Israel  can build her
own stae-of-the-art  'C4I'
avionics for the IAF Adir

Besides Israel building 
many  airframe  parts,
 whole suite of weapons,
conformal   fuel tanks, 
say nothing of the half
million $ helmet for all
F-35 JSF countries

In fact,  Israel has been
authorized to construct
a complete depot based
airframe   maintenance
center co-located at the
IAF Adir home base at
Nevatim AFB.

JSF Will Replaces Both 

Complete F-35 Specifications


IOC Check

Back On Alert Pad After Nite Hop

Really Big 2020 Price Drop $80 Billion Each

Here An Alert Adir Dispatched

Full Stealth When A/C Is Clean


Initional Operational

Capability (IOC)

 Holy Land Patrols Begins

 1,2,3,4,6 & 8 Formations


Pair Over The Gallilee

 Over Kindom of Jordan

Up North In Samaria

 Central Judean Corridor

Carmel @ Kishon River

Eye On Tel Aviv Area

The Eastern Front

From Lebanon, Syria to Jordam

Exclusive Economic Zone

Defending Off Shore EEZ Zone

 Israel, Lebanon, Syria Converge

Patrol Over Dead Sea

Patroling Central Coastal Areas

Patrol Over South near Dimona

Over Red Sea Sector

Checking Hostile Border Countries

Keeping Eye On Syrian battlefield

Sortie Over ISIS Sinai

 Initial Operational

Capable  -  IOC Ops

Pilot Grads 2016

All Mission Trained

Night Patrols Began Dec 2016

Watch F-35I

Engaging The

Super Cruise

 Super Crusing

 Super Sonic Without After Burner

JSF Adir F-35I


EDGE Squadron Patch

4, 6 & 8 a/c Formations

Adir 'Edge' Squadron

IAF Adir

Wing Patch & Symbol

F-35B + F-35C
  Blue Angels &                   

 New A/C For 2018  1st since 1980's

New Acrobatic Maneuvers

The First Blues Show JAX  FL.

1st Air Show @ Andrews AFB

There Could Also Be A Marine Team

Here Great Under Carriage T-bird Art

Navy 'B' Variant Will Be VTOL

USAF 'C' Variant To Follow In 2024


Side By Side Undercarriages

Great Detail Art Work

A Totally New Show Coming !


Possibly A Coast Guard Team

F-35 To Be A Great Crowd Pleaser


B. A. Could Have A War Skit

Bomb Burst Finale Remains


Each Team Finishes Differently...


Using Their STOL Features


Both Teams Remain With 8 a/c
Announcer, P A  + Transports




Blue Angels - Thunderbirds Video Clip

Refueling Exercises

2 Reel Drogue & 1 Fixed Boom

F-35I with KC-135

KC-10 Refueling To Israel

 KC-135 Tanker Aircraft

Up Close & Dangerous

Boom Operator POV

 Dual Drogue Refueling Lines

F-35I Mediterranean Missions

 KC-130J Samson Dual Line Tanker

 Advance Weapons

IAF Standard Configuration

Here 7 Weapon Wing Stations



Fuel And Sensor Tank Pod

Conformal Tanks

Electronics & Fuel

IAF Load Out

Special Missions:

30mm Electric Gatlin Gun 5,000 bpm
Air to Air Canon

A Stealth Dog Fighter's Weapon

World's Most Deadly Aircraft

Video Canon Testing

Weapons Evaluation

Did we know F-35I

Is WMD Compatible

or ICBM Supression


Ballistic Canopy

Ultra Stealth

Thanks to AESA Radar

First F-35A to

F-35AI Upgrade

First IDF F-35I Attack

Syrian S-300 Defense System Obliterated



Then  There  Was

Spice 1k, 2k, 3k Series

Spice Series & PythonV

Spice Missile Launch

The Incredible Futuristic

  Next Generation Weapons

Rafael Spice Series

 State-of-the-Art Missile


IAF F-35AI Adir Adopts
Latest PythonV Missile

IAF F-35I Daily Patrol
24/7 Always On Station

Joint Strike Fighters On May 2017 Display

F-35I IAF Flight
Demonstration Team


  • ADIR F-35AI

    Detailed Description

    Lockheed-Martin Rolls Out F-35AI

    What Happens if S300, S400
    or S500 Surprise?

    Barbara Opall-Rome Report

    Second ADIR Airfield Dedicated

    2nd Squadron of 25 a/c

      Forming Up @ 2nd AFB

    1st F-35 AI ADIR IOC

    Initial Operation Capable

    Israel In Country

    Mission Operational

    Interceptor Missions

    IAF Adir F-35AI

    ADIR F-35BI
    Third Squadron 25a/c

    @ 3rd AB Location


    STOVL B Model

    STOVL Cut Away Detail

    First F-35BI Missile Ship Ops

    Deck Aft View

    Here F-35's On Small Missile Craft

    STOVL Can Base Off Any Platform

    IOC of 3rd batch of 25

    Adir F-35BI a/c Model


    Israel Mission Capable

    5th Generation Stealth

    First IAF F-35BI
    Arrival In Israel

    IAF F-35I on Daily Patrol


  • $400,000.00 5th Generation

    Stealth Electronic Helmet

    Made Only By Elbit
    of Israel

    Elbit Half Million Dollar 

    360 3D 5th Generation

    $400,000 F-35 Helmet

    Up-Close Digital Video

    IAF F-35CI
    Meet The New IAF ADIR F-35CI

     IAF ADIR F-35 First COMBAT Engagement

    2020 First 6th Gen Stealth

    1st Edge Sqd Adir Desert Camouflage

    F-35C on Carrier  OR Helio Pad

    First Look

    Practice At All Hours & Weather

    Helicopter Pad on Sa'ar V

    IAF on INS  Proof of Concept

    F-35BI on Missile Corvette

    F-35 can operate from a

    Missile Boat's Helio Pad

    Camou Desert Adir

    More  F-35I  Adir Images & 
    Details   Coming Soon Here

    But Before ADIR

    There Was LAVI 2

    A Twin Engine,  Twin Seat and Twin
    Tail double delta 4th generation type
    Stealth Strike Fighter   based on the
    1980's Lavi I   IAF prototype below.

    Technology Demonstrator

    HERE  for Specifications


    IAF 2 Seat ADIR Stealth with WSO


    TWO (2) Seater F-35D's

    New Dual Seat with rear WSO Position

    IDF F-35 On Spanish Military TV


    The IDF Air Force  has 2017  begun plans and long
    lead items for an 'enhanced' Super F-35DI version.
    The Twin engine next generation Pratt & Whitney,
    Twin Seat  JSF Stealth fighter is now taking shape.
    All based on a multi mission need    for an advance
    Stealth Trainer, a two man WMD platform, a new
    back-up for naval cruiser air assets   in Israel's off
    shore  EEZ oil fields   that are compatible with oil
    platform VTOL ops   as well as being a blue print
    for the U.S. Coast Guard to buy its first STOL
    ship based patrol interceptor planes.


     New American Embassy

    Ambassador's Building Jerusalem Embassy

    Jerusalem Campus American Embassy 2017