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A  Parents Tribute 

My Flag

"Thunder5 LowFly 500' ft @ 500mph!"

Video Easter Egg 1 of 25 In Military Section

THREE Times The Speed Of Blackbird SR-71


A Paradigm Shift

New T-Mobile
Merge 4/1/20

Expect Huge Roll-Out First April with
Ultra Game Changer Plans,   No Cost
Super 5G Network and  Free Folding
5G Smart Cell Phones...

  My Folding
5G Phone That Does Not Fold
And For Less Than What   - $400

TCL  Coming To New T-Mobile
Concept Creates a Smartphone 5G That Folds Without Bending
        Phone Folds Inside Itself; Doubles In Size    But Not In Thickness!  
   Incorporating Corning Victus Anti-Microbial
Anti-Covid19, No Scratch, Bendable Glass

Free TCL Phones ?

Order ea New $15 or $10/ month Plan
And T-mo Will Pay For
ea TCL Device

My Existing Plan
$15 /mo 5G @ New T-mobile 
Unlimited For Each Smart Cell Phone  
Talk Pix Text
UTube* I Heart Radio* 2GB
No Extra Charges For 5G Services EVER !
So I Pay $30 = 2 Lines + $3 Taxes, Fees, Etc *WiFi
              SPRINT 6/2018 $15/mo Test          
  3/2020 New T-Mobile $15/mo Prepaid Plan
$10/month plans: Alcatel, WireFly, Twigby,
Pure-Talk, Tello, FrugalForLess,
& Unreal
Stop The Presses
T-mo  $10/mo*
Unl, Unl, 1GB
* Pending Official Release Date

DOJ & FCC Approve @ White House 24/7/2019

Fed Court Approval 11 Feb 2020

Mon 6/12/2019 World's Largest 5G Network

290 Million Americans Just Got Covered

2021 5G Phones

 Rumor Of Possible
New T-Mo 2021 Offer
You are looking at Your:  computer work station,
laptop, notebook, tablet, smart phone, magazine
news paper, radio, tv, youTube, products and
services, news, time, watch, music, movies..

600mhz Ultra 5G New T-Mo Network

Free Super 5G Nationwide Service

Shown With Firmware Screen Up Grade


Series XII Samsung

Samsung Fold 5G Smart Cell Phone
5G WiGIG BT 5.0USB-C No Home Key
1 min chrg, 5k Batt, Gorilla Glass5, No Bezel
Believe It Samsung Shoehorned  7.3" In a 5.7"
Snapdragon 865 processor, 4K Screen 6 Cams
Wireless ReChargeable   STYLUS Digital PEN

Terra Byte Storage
OneTB i.s. OneTB microSD

Saw 6 Colors - including Onyx - Titanium - Silver
BIXBY gone 
BackPack' 2 Year Battery
Mobile Halographic 4KA/V Projector
3-D Touch Sensing Screen Activation!
Nano Crystal Technology

Plus A...

Game Changer!

OLED Embedded Screen Speakers

Above Technology Here
  Even In
Smartphones 2021!


Coming Sooner
Than You Think
2TB microSD

1TB   microSD card
 Here @ Only    $239
Uh, Coming       $99
  Free Shpg & No Tax

NOT  Black Friday
 But Cyber  Wkend

10th Anniversary iPhone X+?

True 5G but wait till you get the bill

Now  Listen To
Bongo Straits 

ROGER lead, CRAIG bass, WALT stratocaster,
FORREST drums & JOEY rhythm

A/V by   ChuckMeister's   4K  Galaxy S8+  
LINK Connect Any Smart Phone To Tripods
See The Latest
 4K U-HD  TV's Under $440!

A Most Unique
* Bluetooth Stereo


Magic Page of ALL Info & Free Stuff
World Famous Buyers Guide

These Are So Unbelievable:

Read About A World Without Wires!

Coming  8K !

A Whopping 88" OLED TV in '8'K
Below Apple X+, Galaxy X+ & Note X
Coming here Jan 2020 @ CES
Speakers In Screen, Organic Batt, Eye Scan+

Speaking Of CES 
Bill Gates Said @ CES 1999...
In The Future,
There Will Be 2 Kinds
Of Businesses
Those That Are On The Web

My Bose QC35 series II

Great Bluetooth NC headset w / CC.
Just Look Inside  Carry Case Pouch

HQ Replacement   Audio & USB Cable 
Plus  Airline Seat Adapter & Ear Buds
Plus Back Up Buds, Adapters, CCloth


Portland's Best
Now 7 Locations


All Of Our Foods Are Organic & Gluten Free

HapaRamen PDX History

Our 1st Location
 A-La-Carts Food Pod @ 50th & Division
Food Pod Closed 1  Feb 2015

2nd Location

SE Division St. TIDBIT Pod
Food Pod Closed 8 October 2017

3rd Location
 GANTRY Pod  Water Front
Food Pod Closed 1 Sept 2017

4th Location
 Sold !

AikoRamen  SW 2nd Ave @ SW Taylor St

Starting January 2020 Will Move To Our
Permanent Location South East Portland

HapaPDX Resturant, Coffee Shop & Bar
Cesar Chavez and Gladstone

See #7 Below

 5th Location
Foster Ave Pod

Click For New G-Special Ramen Bowl

HapaRamen was 1st Up & Running!

Ramen Cart Serving Window & Painted Menu
Featuring Our Famous Menu & Prices  
Food Cart Closed 10 June 2018

Hapa Ramen Featured at:

 2016, 17, 18 & 2019 Japanese Food Festival

Owners On Da Kine Line 

6th Location
Northeast 60th Ave @ Halsey St.

  Last Day 15 November 2019  

Visit Us @ New Permanent Location
Cesar Chavez @ Gladstone!


Realignment November 2019

 Our Possible Eighth Location
Kauai !

7th Location
& We're Open

During World Pandemic We Have:
Pick Up, Call In & On Line
Door Dash, Caviar &
Now Dining In

Cesar Chavez @ Gladstone

Also Known as Chaz @ Gladstone

Award Wining Best of Portland "Ramen Restaurant"

Lunch     OR     Dinner

Holiday Entrance / Waiting Area


Friday August 9th, 2019  7PM
Video LINK

Good Day Oregon 9am Tues 24 Sept

Full Video Segment Will Be Here

National TV      Cooking Channel

Lucky Charm Business Tradition from Brother Dave

 Links To Roll Out Videos

Enlarge Above To Read Latest Menu Items

Hapa Ramen & Whiskey

Aloha Fridays

Now,  Check Us Out

Owner / Bartender

Late Night Get Together

Bar Area Now All Complete

Our New LED Lighting Up

Everything Ordered Is In

Bar Area Came Together

Drinks Like NO Other !

Nikka and Special Reserve

Japanese Draft Beer On Tap

Liquors Straight From The Source

Food Prep, Cooking, Serving & Tasting  

Areas All Coming Together

All Lighting Now Installed

Readying For Opening Day

Crispy Beer Chicken  &  Family Ramen

Packed House !

All Hands For Grand Opening On Deck

Shaka Hawaiian Welcome Sign

Your Drink Awaits

Cubby Premiere Liquor Of Month
Lines Before Doors Open

Packed For Grand Opening
As Our New Lunch Menu Begins Nov

Above The Hapa Lunch Combo

Both Inside & Here Outside
Ready For Customers
Hawaiian Welcome

Our Regulars Are Coming Back

Here Our Preview Dinner Sampling Event

Dining Area Finished, Crowds Not

 Looking Towards Gladstone

2 Top + 8 Seat Area

Our Booth / Office Area Completed

View From Entrance, Chaz on Left

Before Overhead Counter Shelving

AFTER Prep Bar Shelf In Place

Blocks Cold / Warm Air Escaping

Last Of Construction To Be Installed 

 Truth In Advertizing

 Delicious Pictures & Links

 Abby & Josiah Return

Ok, make that a MUG & Ready For Opening

Boss ?                           PHILL ?

Our Outside 18 Seating & Concept Bar

Our First   Stand Alone Restaurant
with a Parking Lot
     June 2019

We Even Have VEGAN Ramen

Great Wine & Food for All

       Ramen With Whiskey Or With Fresh Draft Japanese Beer      
Ramen For Each Day Of The Week

Click Picture For Drink Suggestion

Sapporo Ramen              'G' or Galen Bowl

Hawaiian Poke Salmon   Crunchy Karaage Chicken

 Cozy Nitetime Scene

11pm & Still They Arrive

Our Midnight Dinners

New Entrance Waiting Area Looking Inside

View Of New Entrance Area Forward

Privacy Barrier

Let The Goodtimes Roll...

11pm Deep Clean Up Begins

Last Call For Alcohol

Outside OR Inside Are Our Smiling Patrons

Happy Hour

da kine Havaian Sign Sez It All

Our Professional

Photographer / Videographer

These S-View Wallets Marry Electronically

Black $8.99 My S8+    Silver $9.99 Wife's S8

Horizontal   Kickstand Mode & Retail Package
Note:  stick-on 7card pkt acts as lens protector.
I used  CellHelmet liquid screen protector that
gives me the   Ultra-thinnest   Wallet possible


A   $600   Car   in    2021?

Driverless Car for Uber, Elderly for 
work & caring  Children to school.

Futuristic     Laptop !
Saving  Your  Life !

Futuristic      TV ?
Futuristic  Watch!

 Futuristic Bus?
4K U-HD TV's for -$249!
ALL Brands & Sizes From 32" to 75"!
4 lb Electric Wheel Chair!

Just A Simple Thought

 Project Ideas For Income Or DIY...

Purpose of   SuperVideo is to
promote the  free exchange of
   so as to provide 
videographers necessary tools
they'll need to be independent 
and monetarily self sufficient 
     in today's  fast changing tech    
 world  -  digital video.


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    tically increase their business oppor-
    tunities and monthly income without
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    pocket money.  This concept employs
    4K U-HD smartphones in place of
    cumbersome, bulky AV traditional
    REALLY !     

       A Low Cost Approach On How To 
    Build An EDIT BENCH Work Area 
     How To Make Great Customer Media!   
    Here's an easy step by step guide putting

    together UR own video/audio/computer
    work & editing area.     Then there is a
    low cost effective way in making
     customer media razor sharp,  brilliant
    colors & digital sound,  all without
    spending big dollars   on more and more
    equipment.       AND,  A-men to THAT!


    SuperVideo:   the pioneer of the  
    Cyber TV Studio in a SuitcaseTM  
     With recent breakthroughs in
    technology & miniaturization,      a HD
    TV studio can be taken directly
    to client in a   small two piece airplane
    roll-aboard luggage. Read how you can
    emulate this concept & not spending 
    your hard earned  money by just using
    your existing  Smart Phones.

    Everything you're going to have to know
    & have  is now posted right here. 
    Yeah !

    Below Tribute To My Better Half

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    E-Komo mai, Mahalo nui Loa
    Aloha - oe

    Monday December 12, 2016  8pm

    IAF ADIR F-35I joins Sufa & Ra'am

    A Long Cool Woman In A Black Dress

    Lady Di Champion Of England's
    Red Arrows
    Right Click To Hear

    Click To Hear & See Elvis's Favorite Impersonator

    We Voted !

    I got my Millenium Falcon for my wheels...

    Click pix: my crew @ Docking Bay 94 !


    Patriotic USAF Cap with Prayer Kippa


    For Elvis Favorite Song Writer - Surprised?

    Here  you have an Iraqi Disabled Vet

    Mele Kaliki Maka - Hauoli Maka Hicki Hou

    May All A Blessed Christmas

    May All Your Goals Be Reached

    the Impossible Takes A Little Longer !
    Who Would Have Thought?

    Abrahamic Accords !

    9 Moslem Countries In Line:  Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan,
    Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Palestine

    Simple, Short
    Amazingly Looking Brand New Infant Leaving
    Maternity Ward, who was born day before pix

    & Magically A Brand New Minnie-Me Appears
    cm K101$
    Another Image

    Big Wave Dave Hawaii !
    And Big Wave Dave Get'n To Hawaii

    Hey bro, Where's Mom & the Mini Me's?